All About Monkey Inferno

UPDATED: Nov 26, 2016.

Author’s Note: BLAB is no longer operating.

If you’ve not heard about Blab  you have now! Simply put, Blab allows people to have instant group video and text conversations with like minded individuals on any topic. It’s another example of live streaming applications like Periscope and Meerkat.

Blab is a commercial unit being incubated out of Monkey Inferno a Personal Incubator (PINC). This incubator is very different from your what you’ve know incubators and accelerators to be.

What Makes Monkey Inferno Different Than a Typical Incubator?

Monkey Inferno  has no outside investors, they’re fully self-funded by Michael [Twitter] and Xochi Birch [Wikipedia] who sold Bebo to AOL in 2008 for $850m who then bought it back in 2013 for $1M. That kind of financial security means they’re a fast-paced but low-stress workplace.

They are all employed by Monkey Inferno Inc, the incubator. Once each project is launched it is incorporated as a sub-company and they all receive options in it. Each project has no more than two full time developers, who work side by side cranking out code. But as they receive options in all the sub-companies, everyone is motivated to help every project become a success, whether they happen to be assigned to the project or not.

I wanted to learn more about Monkey Inferno and Blab, one of their sub-companies. I reached out to Shaan Puri [Twitter] and below is the Blab session we had with Shaan. Read and comment on the transcript.

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