Arianna Huffington on Uber, Sexual Harassment plus Dumb Phones

Mi6 Agency’s Last Week in Tech Blog Series for the week of Oct 16, 2017

Last week’s tech headlines from Bloomberg Technology included interviews with Arianna Huffington and key leaders from Facebook, GM, Cisco, Affirm and Pinterest.

Watch Emily Chang’s interview with Arianna Huffington on Uber, sexual harassment and dumb phones. Arianna joined Uber’s board of directors in April 2017. She identifies two key areas to stop sexual harassment: 1) End the cult of the top performer (especially in Hollywood and Silicon Valley and 2) Break the silence! When you see something inappropriate call it out! Arianna also weighs in on President Trump and fake news on social media.


  • Uber: turning over a new leaf with their 180 days of change.
  • Facebook: business model still solely depends on advertising.
  • Cisco: Building the cities of tomorrow and how “connected lighting” can reduce costs by more than 50%. Cisco’s transformation to a software and service driven company.

Finally, some insights from Paypal cofounder and former COO on where the Fintech industry is heading and the Equifax breach and how to avoid them.

00:57 | Wall Street Journal D Live Tech Conference in Laguna Beach

01:10 | Interview with Thrive Global CEO and Founder and Uber board Member, Arianna Huffington about Uber’s turbulent year and Travis Kalanick’s role at Uber. Talks about the “Cult of the Top Performer”. About Trump and other Republicans speaking out against him and the ones not. The future of Thrive.

09:50 | Facebook looking to hire employees that have national security clearance.  They plan to use these people to search more effectively for others actively looking to influence the US.

10:20 | Interview with Facebook’s VP of Messaging Platforms, David Marcus re Endeavoring to make Facebook the Messaging platform for all. Facebook’s AI push. Also about adding capabilities to make it safer so the Russian hack would not happen again.

18:54 | GM’s shares are on the uptick because of the push to self-driving cars. Interview with GM President Dan Ammann re the 30 billion dollar potential of their spin-off autonomous car division.

24:12 | Interview with Cisco’s CEO Chuck Robbins re Cisco’s role in building the cities of tomorrow.  Also explains intuitive networking, intent-based networking. Launched a subscription business. Discusses legacy of John Chambers, past CEO.

32:00 | Netflix recorded a blockbuster 3rd quarter. Added 6.3 M subscribers nearly 4.5M overseas

32:23 | Amazon severing ties with Weinstein Co. Roy Price also resigned, head of the Amazon Studio, amid harassment allegations.

33:06 | Interview with Chris Palmeri, Bloomberg News. re: Hoping Fall movie season will help reverse the worst Summer season in years. Why keep making sequels and revivals if they are not doing well. 3 new Disney movies and 1 WB movie coming out.

36:40 | CNN receives 1st FAA waiver for flying drones over crowds.

37:29 | Interview with Max Levchin, Affirm CEO and Paypal co-Founder/former COO re Fintech industry, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency.

42:44 | Interview with Pinterest President Tim Kendall re A new way to reach the masses, helping businesses to target consumers.

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