B2B Marketing April 2021 Round Up

B2B Marketing April 2021 Round Up

What Is a B2B Marketing Round Up?

Our B2B marketing round up for April 2021 consists of hand picked articles from our B2B Sales and Marketing Digest. We’ll give you a quick summary of the article (The Gist), give you our thoughts on why it’s important at this point in time and some advice.  It’s our way of helping you further sift through the firehose of content we experience daily! Enjoy! Oh, and by the way… comments are welcomed. Also, if you’d like to be a contributor to an upcoming round up just pick an article from our digest and let Chris know.

Why P2P Marketing Might be a Good Alternative to Influencer Marketing

By: Lisa Denis, Partner, Mi6 Agency

The Gist

Although this article from the Hubspot team is aimed at B2C marketers, the outcome can be the same for B2B so we’ve added it to our B2B marketing April 2021 round up.  Influencers and thought leaders in spaces that compliment or tie directly to your product or service do have some value to offer, both in terms of accessing their network and heightening awareness for your brand.  But, people are people and who they trust impacts the sales cycle.  Beyond simple stranger ratings and anonymous testimonials, all businesses should regularly consider how to engage with their existing customers and how to help them become evangelists for your business.

Why is This an Important Article Now?

For far too long, companies have ignored their existing client base in search of more.  With some marketing channels being lost to the pandemic (think events, in-person networking opportunities, even the golf course) strategies to catch more or bigger clients were suddenly mute.  If you haven’t spent the time in the past nurturing your client base into a steady referral network, you likely aren’t hitting your sales targets.  It’s not too late to start and future proof your marketing plans.

What Advice Can I Offer?

If you have not leveraged your past clients before now, then start with a few steps.  First, identify the champions.  You likely have clients who have been vocal about your business or have been named as referral sources in the past.  Figure out who they are and a way to engage them.  Second, ask the question.  Ask your past customers to write a testimonial or review and to refer.  Ask your new customers how they heard about you to track referral conversions and follow up to find out more about it – how did it come up?  What was the context of the referral?  Third, consider incentives.  How can you continue to engage and reward your past and existing clients?  Everyone likes to be surprised, delighted and rewarded for loyalty.  Be trusted by those your client trusts.

What Are Marketing Leadership’s Biggest Gaps?

By: Karen Kelly, Managing Partner, K2 Performance Consulting

 The Gist

Perception vs reality comes into play when we take a close look at how marketing teams are executing both globally and locally. In this article, over half of CMO council members surveyed indicated they were partially able to execute.

Marketing leadership shares in these gaps as well, some noteworthy statistics, 42% segmentation and personalized messages at scale, 37% action on customer data insights, 31% campaign execution & measurement and marketing planning to support digital growth at 30%.

What is contributing to this? Why are they out of touch with their prospects, unable to effectively monitor and measure the impact of their digital outreach?

In short, lack of resources and capabilities have contributed to these shortfalls and have taken a severe impact on revenue, growth or customer acquisition opportunities.   

Why is This an Important Article Now? 

This information is relevant now as both marketing and sales must focus on retention but also customer acquisition. Jointly, how can they increase their digital footprint to reach a global audience with timely, relevant and personalized content?

Despite resource shortage, take time to research your target audience, what will it take to get their attention? A/B split test, measure the impact of your marketing efforts.

Pinpoint what is working at what stage in the buyer journey, which market? Persona? etc. Get very clear on what is pushing the needle towards or away from your goals.

What Advice Can I Offer?

My advice is to look at quality over quantity, niche down. Research your audience, what challenges they are facing now, they are most likely different than 12 months ago.

Work smart and focused to offset resources shortages, upskill, develop yourself to address any lack of capability. Online learning, blogs podcasts, there is an endless amount of free information at your disposal.

Speak with your existing customers, what has changed in their environment, what are their new expectations, take all this back to the drawing board and redeploy with new prospects.

Get Ready for Google Web Core Vitals!

By: Chris Herbert, Managing Partner, Mi6 Agency

 The Gist

If you’ve not heard about Google’s Core Web Vitals ask your web developer, marketing leader or agency about what it is and why you should care. When implemented it is believed that it will penalize sites that have bad “page experiences”. And, Google will be implementing it in mid-june. How can you be affected? If you have a poor performing site your search rankings may suffer which means less organic traffic to your website. 

Many folks know that Google updates their search algorithm very frequently but factoring in website and page performance is a big change. You can read more about the timing of this change here and Yoast has a good “how to article” to help you make some short term improvements in their recent post 5 ways to improve your Core Web Vitals

Why is This an Important Article Now? 

This is a significant change Google is implementing. If your business is or plans to generate traffic from Google then you’ll need to test your site now to see how it performs. This will tell you whether you need to make changes to your site so you won’t be penalized by seeing your search rankings and organic traffic to your site drop. At Mi6 Agency we’ll be upgrading our website along with assisting our clients make any necessary changes or transitions in the coming months.

What Advice Can I Offer?

Find out if your marketing leader and/or agency have a plan for your website when Google flips the page experience algorithm switch. If they don’t you’ll need them to focus on this over the summer. You can use this time as an opportunity to assess the overall productivity of your site as well as see if there are some immediate short term improvements that can be implemented. Take the opportunity to look at your website as a key tool for business growth, client communication and retention. 

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