B2B Marketing May 2021 Roundup

What Is a B2B Marketing Round Up?

Our B2B marketing round up for May 2021 consists of hand picked articles from ourB2B Sales and Marketing Digest. We’ll give you a quick summary of the article (The Gist), give you our thoughts on why it’s important at this point in time and some advice. It’s our way of helping you further sift through the firehose of content we experience daily! Enjoy! Oh, and by the way… comments are welcomed. Also, if you’d like to be a contributor to an upcoming round up just pick an article from our digest and let Chris know.

The “Marketing is Evil” Problem

By: Lisa Denis, Partner, Mi6 Agency

The Gist

This article explains at best, that marketing is quietly getting the job done of raising awareness for your business and attracting the right buyer at the right time to your offer. At worst, marketing is annoying, invasive, unmeasurable and misunderstood. Marketing is often perceived as evil and inauthentic, sharing these traits with Sales who are often perceived as pushy and insincere. As a profession, marketing has faced a load of challenges, mostly stemming from the amount of behind the scenes work and continuous knowledge acquisition that goes into a focus on the right outcome, not into the effort to create an output.

Why is This an Important Article Now?

Marketing is in demand in a big way these days. Especially digital marketers who are being courted by clients whose old ways of filling the funnel just don’t work anymore (thank you COVID-19). It’s also a pandemic proof position and that does not require formal education. For those considering a marketing career, now is the time. Of course, that does mean all marketers or marketing opportunities are good ones. Especially during times of disruption, good marketers need to stay the course, and hold the business to their positioning and value proposition.

What Advice Can I Offer?

The article’s advice is to ignore those who don’t understand the value of marketing. My advice is to get in there and be part of the conversation. Be transparent with your leadership, your clients, your team. Share the intelligence you’ve gathered about the market, your customers, competitors and industry trends and best practices. Just as you will benefit from a big picture view of the company and wares you are marketing, everyone else, regardless of how they view the profession, can benefit from your knowledge and insights as well.

What B2B Buyers say Sellers can do to do Influence their Purchase Decisions- Marketing Charts

By: Karen Kelly, Managing Partner, K2 Performance Consulting

The Gist

This article shows the VOC- voice of the customer has spoken loud and clear, through the pandemic B2B buyers have increased their consumption of digital content. They are aware of what is important to them when dealing with B2B sales folks and what will influence their purchase decision.
It is no surprise; they want the focus on them. The old adage, WIFM- What’s in it for me, still holds strong. Buyers want to feel important and heard.

Why is This an Important Article Now?

With more than 71% of B2B sellers doing more than half their sales virtually, it shows the system works. F2F will resume in some capacity but the time, cost and flexibility of dealing with clients remotely outweighs F2F interactions. The importance of this now is, it invites you to evaluate your current online client interactions. Where is your focus?

Reflect after each call and start leaning into your self awareness. Am I focused on others? Am I seeking to understand or pitching too quickly? Do I truly understand what problem they are trying to solve? How am I connecting with them to build trust? We are dealing with people not account numbers in a CRM, they buy on emotion and feelings.

What Advice Can I Offer?

My advice is to reflect back on positive discovery calls, what made them good? Did you practice active listing, ask thought provoking questions, and invite your client to share their desires? Or was it a one-way monologue?
Discovery should be conversational in nature; tone plays a key role here. Speak as if you were speaking with a friend, share insights, educate them, show them what is possible with your solution- the future state.
Ensure this is done only after you understand their current state, what problems are they facing today, what is the impact on them personally, with their team, culture etc. Focus on them and really get clear on what they are trying to solve or achieve.

When you are “others focused” they feel it, guards come down, transparency is awoken and trust is built. In virtual meetings, start by turning off your self- view and truly focus on what is important, the other person’s needs.

The True Impact of Social Analytics on B2B Funnels

By: Chris Herbert, Managing Partner, Mi6 Agency

The Gist

In Hubspot’s True Impact of Social Analytics on B2B Funnels, Eyal Katz discusses the important role social networks and engagement data plays in the development of B2B conversion funnels. He cites research that businesses that market on social media are 40% more likely to hit their sales goals and that 95% of buyers purchase from sellers who provide content that addresses their concerns and questions at each stage of the buying funnel.

He provides a good overview of the stages of the funnel, social media metrics you can measure and why.

Why is This an Important Article Now? 

This is one of those articles that is showing you the value a social media can play in building a B2B marketing funnel and the role social engagement can play in generating leads. Plus, how social data tells you whether your content is working and where it fits in the conversion funnel.

What Advice Can I Offer?

Pick a social media network. I’d recommend LinkedIn. If you’re not on it, pick one you are on. I believe that LinkedIn and Facebook are the best options for you. But, you may feel differently so pick one that you’re most comfortable with and that you’re active on. 

If you have or are posting on LinkedIn now then check to see whether there’s been engagement or not. You may discover something interesting! You’d be surprised. 

If you’re not posting on LinkedIn then check other peoples posts and whether there is engagement taking place, or not. This could be a colleague, a prospect or a customer. 

Or, you can check out my posts. Feel free to follow or connect with me

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