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Below are links to third party articles, research, case studies and posts written by or about Chris Herbert, Mi6 Agency and Silicon Halton (grassroots tech community co-founded by Chris Herbert). Also, below are links to articles (if active) from current and past clients of Mi6. [UPDATED: Jan 2022]

Jan 28, 2022: Catapult Grey-Bruce | 4 For Friday [Catapult]

Jan 20, 2022: Catapult Grey-Bruce | Meet our Mentors: Chris Herbert

Jan 19, 2022: Farmtario | Catapulting Rural Entrepreneurs to the Next Level in Grey-Bruce [Catapult]

Nov 6, 2021: Catapult Grey-Bruce | 4 Four Friday: Are you a Startup or Small Business, Government Grants, COP 26 and Resources to Build Resilience [Mi6]

Sep 24, 2021: Nuclear Innovation Institute (NII) | 3ThoughtThursday – Grey County Ec Dev, tri-county tech sector, building networks [Chris Herbert]

Apr 7, 2021: K2 Sales Podcast | How Inbound marketing moves the SEO needle with Chris Herbert [Chris Herbert]

Oct 7, 2020: Association of National Advertisers’ (ANA) | A Crisis Draws B2B Marketers Closer to Their Customers (Free ANA account required) [Chris Herbert]

Oct 3, 2020: LinkedIn | Is Toronto the place for startups? [Lisa Denis]

May 2020: Unbound B2B | Expert Insights: Impact of COVID19 On Marketing And How Marketers Are Responding [Chris Herbert]

May 4/18: Inside Halton | Oakville Public Library 2017 report features augmented reality | [Client: M2F, Inc / Ventures: Silicon Halton, Mi6]

Dec 1/17: IT World Canada | Halton Region is the burgeoning tech market you’ve never heard of | [Venture: Silicon Halton]

Jun 22/17: Inside Halton | Oakville eyeing marketing and construction offices, innovation space for former post office | [Venture: Silicon Halton]

Jan 25/17: TechRepublic | How to become a Unity developer for VR and AR | [Client: RedBit]

Nov 2/16 | | Chief Marketing Officers Top 100: From Mike Allton to Beth Comstock, These are the Most Influential CMO’s in the World [Chris Herbert]

Sept 14/16| Globe & Mail + 100+ other media sites | Watchdog found ‘significant’ deficiencies at nearly 500 real estate firms: data [Client: Securefact]

Jun 16/16 | Rogers (client) | How much should a business spend on marketing? [Chris Herbert]

Jun 2/16 | Rogers (client) | How do you make your business stand out on social media? [Chris Herbert]

Jun 2/16 | | Top 20 CMOs to follow on Twitter [Chris Herbert]

May 26/16 | Rogers (client) | How do you expand your customer base? [Chris Herbert]

May 26/16 | Rogers (client) | What are the best tools to manage business leads? [Chris Herbert]

May 19/16 | Rogers (client) | How do you develop your vision for the next three years? [Chris Herbert]

May 19/16 | Rogers (client) | How do you know when to make your start-up your sole focus? [Chris Herbert]

May 19/16 | Rogers (client) | How can small businesses reach younger audiences? [Chris Herbert]

May 14/16 | Business2Community | An Inside Look at the Growing Importance of Telematics with Geotab’s Mike Branch | [Client: Geotab]

May 12/16 | Rogers (client)| What’s the best way for a business to sell to a Fortune 500? [Chris Herbert]

May 4/16 | Rogers (client)| What’s the first thing a start-up company should do? [Chris Herbert]

April 08/16 | Rogers (client) | Small Biz Questions [Chris Herbert]

April 07/16 | National Post + 80 other media sites | Questions arise over anti-money laundering agency’s decision not to name Canadian bank it fined $1.1 million [Client: Securefact (acquired)]

April 01/16 | Rogers (client) | How should a small business approach cloud technology? [Chris Herbert]

Nov 16/15 | | 22 tips from influential marketers as content marketing evolves [Chris Herbert]

May 01/15 | Financial Post | Hordes of Canadians are shopping online, so why are our businesses failing to keep up? [Client: Virtual Logistics]

Nov 21/14 | Oakville News | Maps BI Wins Oakville Innovation Award [Client: Maps BI]

Oct 16/14 | IT World Canada | Three C’s help Ontario town’s open data project gain steam [Silicon Halton]

Oct 15/14 | Town of Oakville |  Oakville Open data Gaining Momentum [Silicon Halton]

Oct 01/14 | Virtual Logistics | Data Driven Marketer vs Data Driven Organization [Client: Virtual Logistics]

Sep 18/14 | Forbes CMO Network | 50 Influential CMOs on Social Media [Chris Herbert]

Jul 15/14   | PWC Upfront Magazine (online and print) | Charting a New Course [Client: Maps BI]

Apr 23/14 | Cisco | A Day in the Life of the ecobee Smart Thermostat Part 2 [Chris Herbert]

Apr 16/14 | Cisco | A Day in the Life of the ecobee Smart Thermostat Part 1 [Chris Herbert]

Apr 03/14 | Computer Dealer News | Maps BI helps businesses navigate data [Client: Maps BI]

Mar 31/14 | Financial Post | Maps BI’s spinoff, strategic partnership was best route for growth [Client: Maps BI]

Feb 19/14 | MaRS Data Catalyst| Data Startup: Maps BI [Client: Maps BI]

Jan 17/14 | Directions Magazine | Maps BI Users Skip the IT Ticket Line to Get Their Visualizations Faster [Client: Maps BI]

Jan 14/14 | Cisco | My Thermostat and the Internet of Everything [Chris Herbert]

Dec 31/13 | Traackr | The Engagers: 2013 Edition [Chris Herbert]

Sep 10/13 | Traackr | The Engagers: Chris Herbert on B2B Influencer Marketing [Chris Herbert]

Nov 26/13 | Cisco | My Weekend and the Internet of Everything [Chris Herbert]

Oct 30/13 | Forrester | Balance Trust With Targeting In Social Reach Marketing – A Reach-Focused Road Map For The Social Marketing Playbook (features reference to Influencer Network developed by Mi6) [Client: SAP] Contact us for a copy of this research report.

May 09/11 | Toronto Star | Making Halton the Next Silicon Valley [Silicon Halton]

Apr 08/11 | | Facing venture capitalists without nasty dragon burns [Silicon Halton]

Apr 29/10 | | Silicon Halton to be Hi Tech Leader [Silicon Halton]

Apr 06/10 | The Social CMO | Even though the economy is turning this is good selling advice [Chris Herbert]

Feb 20/10 | The Social CMO | Take a breath and take it easy! [Chris Herbert]

Jan 22/10 | The Social CMO | Social Networks, the New Black Book and More [Chris Herbert]

Jan 18/10 | The Social CMO |  B2B Leaders Wake Up! [Chris Herbert]

Jul 01/09 | ASI Central, Advantages Magazine Cover Article |  Hear, Hear! Listening Up Can Be Creative [Chris Herbert]

Feb 23/09 | Forrester Research | New Research: B2B buyers have very high social participation [Mi6 Agency | Chris Herbert]

Jan 15/09 | Forrester Research | A Groundswell Friendfeed Experiment [Chris Herbert]

Jul 14/08 | Cisco |  The Final 12, Cisco I-Prize successfully taps ideas from people outside of Silicon Valley’s mainstream [Chris Herbert]