What people have said it’s like working with Chris and Mi6. We’re honored and thanks!


“Chris, we would also like to thank you for all your work and for being part of our team. It has been a key part in building credibility with our clients.”

Alfredo De Vanna, VP Solutions Architect – Managing Partner

“Chris/Mi6 has been providing our organization with great out-of-the-box ideas and a road path which has been well received by our audience and partners. Chris/Mi6 provides B2B excellence.”

Victor Bensusan, VP Finance and Operations – Managing Partner


“Thank you very much Chris for all the efforts you put into yesterday’s Social Media workshop. I speak with the voices of the participants in that it was informative and provided real value.” March 12, 2010.

Warren Ross, Channel Marketing, Cisco Systems Canada

The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences

“Chris and I have worked together on several innovative, collaborative projects. Chris has a natural talent for mastering contemporary marketing frameworks and concepts, and combining this knowledge with emerging technologies to produce distinct value-add solutions/opportunities.” November 18, 2008. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Brad Niblett, Chief Information Officer


“Chris and I have worked together, both in his current role at mi6 and in his previous position. Since we first met about three years ago, I’ve found Chris to be passionate about marketing, energetic about helping his clients succeed, and always insightful. The materials he has created about marketing strategies are brilliant and original. On the relationship side, Chris is a lot of fun to work with.” January 4, 2010.

Donna Papacosta, Chief Podcaster,

Below are testimonials prior to Chris launching MI6 in February 2009.

Cisco Systems

“Chris has a passion and energy for his work that is contagious. He is always looking for new ways in which to deliver and execute on his message to the marketplace. This combined with flawless execution allowed us to take a leadership position in measuring and delivering on results that exceeded both organizations objectives.” November 23, 2008

Steve Elkins, National Channel Account Manager, Cisco Systems

“As an extremely well organized marketing professional, Chris has the talent to create clear marketing strategies that align to the objectives of the business as a whole, and then orchestrate the execution of the tactics with such precision campaigns are delivered on time and on budget, but most importantly, always fill the sales pipeline with qualified opportunities.” November 18, 2008

Warren Ross, Channel Marketing, Cisco Systems Canada

“I managed the Cisco I-Prize contest and was extremely impressed with Chris’s participation and collaboration on the site. He contributed to other ideas, listened to feedback about his idea, and continually improved upon his team’s idea. I also had the privilege of working with his team as the team advanced through the rounds of the contest, and enjoyed seeing him listen and collaborate with his team members, some of whom he met on the Cisco I-Prize site. He is truly a collaborative leader and I am very glad that I had the opportunity to meet him through the contest.” October 16, 2008

Sharon Wong, Director, Business Development, Cisco Systems


“Chris has always been an active member of ITAC Marketing & Sales Think Tanks which I moderate and has shown a high degree of knowledge in technology marketing generally and social networking specifically. He is an engaging and smart guy.” February 11, 2009

Bob Becker, Principal, SMA

Vesidia Corporation

“Chris is one of the most forward thinking marketers that I know – and always hungry to learn more. This passion for marketing, coupled with his dedication and integrity is an incredibly powerful combination of traits. I recommend him without reservation and would jump at the chance to work with him again.” November 14, 2007

William Koleszar, Chief Marketing Officer, Vesdia Corporation (Update: Now SVP, Citizens Bank)

Unis Lumin

“I had the pleasure of working with Chris for a number of years at UNIS LUMIN Inc. Chris’ innate ability to think outside the box along with his daily drive and enthusiasm resulted in him creating a number of unique customer programs and events that differentiated us from our competitors and greatly benefitted me in my sales efforts. Chris is also a solid team player who was always willing to roll-up his sleeves in support of my sales initiatives.” February 16, 2009

Scott Taylor, Account Manager, UNIS LUMIN Inc.

“Chris and I worked together for a few years. I was fortunate to benefit, as an account manager, from his proactive and professional client facing marketing approach. I knew I would always be way ahead of the game in my client relations when Chris became engaged !” January 27, 2009

David Butt, Account Manager, UNIS LUMIN (Update: Now at Account Executive at Point Alliance, Inc.)

“Chris is responsible for all marketing activity for Unis Lumin. He is very committed to finding new and refreshing ways to get our companies message out. He has developed unique marketing programs that are delivering benchark ROI for our industry. Chris is a passionate, caring person and I enjoy working with him.” October 11, 2008

Robert Triggs, Director of Sales, UNIS LUMIN

“Chris is one of the few marketing executives who takes the time to listen to sales and customer service. Because of this, he is able to execute relevant marketing campaigns that allow for improved business results.” July 15, 2008

Rad Dockery, Client Executive, Industry Solutions, UNIS LUMIN Inc. (Update: Now President and CEO, HigherEye Training and Consulting)

“Chris is an extremely motivated individual, and see’s business and marketing in a light that has made him very successful. Chris is able to tie business, sales, marketing and technology together in a way that many people are not able to. With this, Chris has produced marketing initiatives that have not only been very successful, but has raised the bar in our market.” December 2, 2007

John Riley, Director – Advanced Business Solutions Group, Unis Lumin (Update: Now CTO at Packet360)

“If I had to pick just a few words to describe Chris, I would choose innovative, passionate, focused, dedicated, and capable. He has demonstrated leadership, been the champion of new concepts and practices, and repeatedly gone above and beyond what any of his peers expected. His energy and vitality motivate all those around him and his supportive personality and win-win mentality make him an ideal team player. Chris will be a major asset to any employer for whom he works.” November 11, 2007

David Donnelly, Director of Software Services, UNIS LUMIN (Update: Now Independent Consultant)

“Chris has been a big contributor to the success of the sales efforts at UNIS LUMIN. His interest in understanding the customers business and IT requirements are shown through his enthusiastic marketing efforts and “always there to help attitude”.” November 11, 2007

Colin Symington, Account Manager, UNIS LUMIN Inc.

“Chris is a perpetual source of ideas. The ability to take a raw concept, massage it into something practical, and to get key contributors on board make Chris very valuable to the business. Never one to propagate FUD, Chris does all this while maintaining a high level of integrity in the marketing organization.” January 3, 2007

Ryan LaTorre, Systems Consultant, UNIS LUMIN Inc (Update: Now Systems Enginer at Cisco Systems)

“Mr Incredible! Just the mere title ensues someone very special in some way.This is a joke between Chris and me- he sent me the cartoon caricature of Mr Incrediable.I am totally convinced THAT is Chris Herbert. His leadership, clear communication and coaching capability made a new web design project where we hired Unis Lumin as our contractor go off almost seamlessly. He kept us focused and on track” August 31, 2006

Jo Miller, Director Partner Relations, 1nService`

“Chris is one of those outstanding individuals who raises the bar on performance, capabilities and results for the entire team by his actions. I have worked with Chris for over a year have believe him to be a key contributor to any project he becomes involved with in part from his drive, uncompromising skill and professional abilities.” July 20, 2006

Philip Bradley, Sales Director, UNIS LUMIN Inc (Update: Now Senior Partner & Co-founder, GIGOGH Systems Inc.)

“Chris has genuine concern for the growth of ideas within our organization. He is the first person I would share a business or technical idea with, because I know he will be sincere with his consideration and his assistance if the idea is sound. Chris is a very progressive fellow. He is a catalyst for innovation and growth.” December 27, 2005

David Cooper, Senior Systems Consultant, UNIS LUMIN Inc (Update: Now SE Manager at Citrix Systems)

Cisco I-Prize Competition (Finalist in Global Innovation Competition)

“In 2008, I collaborated with Chris to compete in the Cisco I-Prize competition. The objective was to create an innovation idea and business plan capable of generating a minimum of $1B in revenue. It was open to innovators and entrepreneurs around the world and attracted 2,500 participants, 1,200 teams from 108 different countries. I joined Chris’s Team because in the 30-years I have known him I have never known anyone with more creativity, passion and leadership skill than Chris.

When working with Chris the sum is always greater than the parts as somehow thoughts seem to compound, ideas magically grow and take on a life of their own. Thanks to his incredible energy, relentless spirit and uncompromising determination our Team made it to the final round as one of the final twelve. Although, we were eventually nudged out by another team – the experience of working with Chris again reminded me that there are altruistic people in this world who can lead and inspire simply through their actions.

Despite his amazing abilities he has always remained humble, thoughtful and conducted himself with the utmost integrity. Seldom do you find an individual who is as gifted and yet somehow has remained grounded in his beliefs and values. If what they say is true and you meet 5 amazing people in your lifetime, then Chris Herbert may very well be one of them!” November 15, 2008

Brian McReavy, National Sales Manager, Walnut Hollow


“With ProductCamp Chris created an extraordinary event that provided value to participants. In the future, I will look forward to working with Chris more closely and participating as one of the speakers.” November 4, 2008

Vwodek Wojczynski, Regional Executive Manager, RSC Business Group, Inc.

“Chris is a great organizer. I attended ProductCamp Toronto. Chris brought it to Toronto and built a strong organizing team. Everything went smoothly, no glitches. Chris was everywhere, attending sessions, reporting the event on media and offering his support to presenters. Good work!” November 3, 2008

Tania Samsonova, Technical writer, translator, self-employed

American Computer Experience

“Chris was a tireless worker and a valuable member of our team. He lead our Internet sales to all-time records! His creativity, drive, and determination are a model for others.” November 12, 2007

Fritz Hager, Chairman and CEO, ACE (Update: Now Executive Pastor at Bethel Bible Church)

“Like few I’ve met, Chris possesses the intelligence to recognize opportunity, the creativity to develop it, and the energy to not only motivate but excite others about the task at hand. Being involved with him was an excellent experience not only for myself, but for the company.” March 30, 2005

John Galloway, Director of Internet Operations, ACE (Update: Now Business Architect at SMBology Inc.)

Squash Ontario

“My working relationship with Chris Herbert was through his involvement with Squash Ontario, first as a squash professional at one of our most prestigious clubs and then, given his talents and skills in marketing, he came on to our volunteer Board of Directors. He held the portfolio of Vice President Marketing and in the several years we worked together, he transitioned our not for profit organization from a basic service-provider to a well respected and successful provincial sport organization. Chris was instrumental in creating the Squash Ontario brand through logo identification and materials. In fact, our logo is still considered to be one of the most outstanding and recognizable logos in the Ontario and Canadian sport community. Chris is an “ideas” man – he taught me and his Board colleagues to reach just a little bit further and imagine just a little bit more.” November 20, 2007

Sherry Funston, Executive Director, Squash Ontario

Vision Corporation (Division of TLC Laser Eye Centers)

“Chris’s energy and drive always amazes me. He was able to take some very boring internet technology product offerings, and come up some amazingly creative ideas to describe and sell these products to Doctors and Office staff. For a marketing person, Chris always surprised me at his understanding of technology and how tech tools can be used to improve the business. It was awesome working with Chris, and have on various occasions explored the possibility of doing it again. I won’t be wrong is saying I learned a lot about what I know about marketing from Chris.” July 10, 2007

Anthony Dezilva, VP of Technology, Vision Corporation (Update: CTO/EVP of Professional Services at PowerIron)