Head Scratcher and Belly Buster Post: June 2016

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UPDATED: June 29/16

Here the Mi6 Team will post thoughts, quandaries and stuff that makes us scratch our heads, smile and laugh. They’ll be focused around stuff we’re interested in and that keeps us working of course in the areas of tech, B2B, sales and marketing. We’ll keep things light, airy, entertaining and maybe a bit provocative!


John Oliver’s rant about Brexit (language warning).

The World Without Mobile

What would email, social media and online music services look like if they weren’t digital? Pretty funny. We’re not sure how this ad helped Qualcomm though. Is there still a need to promote the value of mobile?

Is IPv6 Critical to the Success of the Internet of Things?

A very active discussion debating whether IPv6 is critical to the mass adoption and success of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). As is the case with new and emerging technologies things aren’t always clear and certain. There are many IoT/IIoT platforms (over 350) so far, competing and complimentary standards bodies and now an active debate regarding IPv6 here in this LinkedIn group (screenshot below). To participate in the discussion you need to join or be a member of the Internet of Things group and then you can check out the discussion here. Below is a screenshot of the LinkedIn discussion which has over 65 comments (and counting). Clearly not everyone agrees!

IoT and IPv6

Tax avoidance or tax evasion?

Well, is this how companies should operate?

Arduino Wars

Don’t confuse your customers and get your [you choose the word] together folks!Arduino or Arduino

Hate and Harassment on Twitter

I’m a big fan of Twitter but the experience these two “customers” of Twitter experienced recently is disgusting. People and organizations crossed the line in these two cases and Twitter was unresponsive, unhelpful and uncaring. UNACCEPTABLE.

Steve Ballmer Laughs at the iPhone When First Launched

Nothing more to add to this. But, we wonder if the iPhone will last for years and years to come. Ya, we said it!

The $14,000 Smartphone.... seriously!

That’s a lot of cabbage! We can seek Enterprise IT Department leaders rolling their eyes on this one. We wonder if this will accelerate the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work phenomena. Isn’t BlackBerry known for security mobile communications? Wouldn’t they be the ones bringing out a hardened and secure mobile phone?