Head Scratcher and Belly Buster Post: May 2016

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UPDATED: Jun 12/17.

Here the Mi6 Team will post thoughts, quandaries and stuff that makes us scratch our heads, smile and laugh. They’ll be focused around stuff we’re interested in and that keeps us working of course in the areas of tech, B2B, sales and marketing. We’ll keep things light, airy, entertaining and maybe a bit provocative!

Star Tech ... err... Star Trek

Well a bit off topic but we couldn’t resist. A great one liner Tweet!

Why Girls Can't Code

A humourous attempt to demonstrate silly, unfair and offensive scenarios and situations facing girls and women that code or plan to.  All I have to say is we need more girls and ladies that code now. The result? Better software. Check out the tweet below this video to get a glimpse into what’s really happening with organizations like Ladies Learning Code. We’re really proud to see one of Silicon Halton’s Tech Under 20 students working for this great organization.

Does Anyone "Get" Bitcoin and Blockchain?

No offence to the Winklevoss twins but does this interview help one understand what their business does and for that matter why companies need crypto currency? There is too much hype in this space and not enough substance. You can watch the video here [UPDATE: video no longer available].Winklevoss

The "Expert"

If you can spare seven minutes watch this video. It will save you hours of unnecessary meeting time. While fictional in nature we’re sure we can all relate to meetings, like this, where reality gets suspended!

Just Because

We love to laugh!

Hacking and IoT: Samsung

If you understand the the tech startup scene you’d be familiar with the concept of “minimum viable product”. This is where the startup “ships” a product (usually software but not limited to it) that is as lean as possible in order to get the product out to market and then generate feedback on the usability, acceptance and you guessed it areas to improve. In the IoT space a very big hole and area of improvement is security. Watch the video below and you’ll see what we mean. Also, below that is a Twitter exchange I had with someone from a security services firm.

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My Tweet exchange with PureVPN Samsung's response to my tweet