Head Scratcher and Belly Buster Post: Sep 2016

About This Post

Here the Mi6 Team will post thoughts, quandaries and stuff that makes us scratch our heads, smile and laugh. They’ll be focused around stuff we’re interested in and that keeps us working of course in the areas of tech, B2B, sales and marketing. We’ll keep things light, airy, entertaining and maybe a bit provocative!

Twitter Fix This Please!

We’re a huge fan of Twitter and want it to be successful. But, there are things that nag us about Twitter including this one. What is it? Start watching the video below and on the top right hand corner you’ll see a call to action to visit Twitter.com. This led us to a blank page? Did it for you?

The Art of the Sale, Lesson One


A very good lesson for today’s sales forces. Make sure that your key accounts and key contacts are qualified.

It’s Time to Reinvent Advertising. Or Else.

Companies need to generate awareness and demand. The problem is many suck at doing it in such a way that you get value from being advertised to.  According to Umar Haque this has to change. We agree.

The Most Powerful Editor in the World? It Depends!

The media depends on Facebook as a primary channel to share their stories and news. Watch this video where the editor challenges Zuckerberg on why a famous Vietnam War picture was taken down by Facebook. There are two sides to this conundrum. If it was a picture of your child would you want it posted? Would she? Or, does a photo like this need to be used to demonstrate the human tragedy of war?

LinkedIn Taken Campaign

This is an interesting campaign that promoted the film Taken 3 via a LinkedIn campaign. Liam Neilson’s character Brian Mills was on a search for talent. Check out the pre/post campaign videos below. You can check out Brian’s LinkedIn profile and maybe connect with him! Here’s the contest winner’s LinkedIn profile in case you’re looking for a cyber security expert.

SEC Turd Coverage?

Sometimes things like this just happen. It made us smile. Look at the number of likes and retweets.