Head Scratcher and Belly Buster Post: April 2016

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UPDATED: April 28/16. 

Here the Mi6 Team will post thoughts, quandaries and stuff that makes us scratch our heads, smile and laugh. They’ll be focused around stuff we’re interested in and that keeps us working of course in the areas of tech, B2B, sales and marketing. We’ll keep things light, airy, entertaining and maybe a bit provocative!

This Rectangle is Awesome!

This had us rolling on the ground! We wonder, given that Apple’s sales are a bit soft, they should consider renaming the iPhone for the 7 series launch! You can watch the video here.

Is Twitter's Data Trustworthy?

We’re huge fans of Twitter but this is a head scratcher! Our Trump poll went from 600 to 300 to a under 200 votes over the course of a week and a final count of 21 votes! This raises the question how reliable and dependable is Twitter’s data and reporting? BTW Twitter, we want our $60 advertising costs back!

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Would You Buy From Trump?

I was talking with a cameraman from a major Canadian broadcaster and he told me that Donald Trump has generated hundreds of millions in free media in February. It turns out that he was right! In February he received over $400M in free media [source]. The question I have though is whether this is going to get him what he wants or if it’s going to backfire. As more people “get to know” Donald Trump will they want him as President? Will they want to stay in his hotels and golf at his resorts? Will the equity in the Trump brand increase or decrease in value? Time will tell. What do you think? Take the poll!

Things Business People Say (and shouldn't)

We’re guilty of using these words! Some of them are fine though… but some sure are head scratchers!

Do IoT Product Makers Really Care About the Safety of Our Homes?

Why is it that no home based Internet of Things products I’ve seen at Best Buy say anything about security? None of them mention that the hardware is secure and is updated with security patches when vulnerabilities have been exploited. I counted over 20 IoT home based monitoring and home automation products and not one says they are secure. Nothing on their packaging! Nothing on their displays! If I buy an IoT wifi enabled product to monitor my house, my children and my dog how do I know that someone can’t hack into the device or my network? 

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