Mi6 Agency’s Top Charts for April 2016

This blog series is updated every week with charts that focus on: B2B sales and marketing, industrial technologies (no consumer stuff) and areas that we play in! Two charts will be featured each week with some insights and thoughts from the author.

Week of April 4th

What are Marketers Top Priorities in 2016?

If I was to sum up these challenges and priorities facing these, primarily B2C, marketers it would be: “we don’t know enough about our customers, we can’t monitor and measure their engagement and transactions and we can’t provide relevant content and experiences”. Focus on the first priority which is to engage with your customers and talk about their needs. But, I’d also seek out customers that are also professional marketers and talk with them as peers and see if they have the same challenges and priorities. Find out how they are trying to solve them.

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When Do We Use Mobile Devices vs. PCs?

An interesting chart that likely would skew differently if you applied demographics data to it. But, having said that, most of us communicate, work and consume content on various devices each day. So, if you’re a software development company or SaaS provider make sure that you’re developing for various devices especially if your application is used at and for work. Over time, I’m guessing that the laptop/tablet hybrid will get more traction among professionals for work and play. Time will tell!

Week of April 11th

How Are Journalists Using Social Media?

When (if) you watch the news, of any kind, you’re likely going to see a Twitter handle pop up under the name of the reporter. Twitter is one of the key social networks being used by news sites, reporters and contributors to find story ideas, sources and to promote their own coverage. Twitter is a better channel for reporters over Facebook because it’s more immediate and it doesn’t cross over into their personal space. They can use Twitter as a professional channel and identity. Even with Morgan Stanley Downgrading Twitter the company continues to be a strategic choice for journalists. Special thanks to Hugh Black [Twitter] from HMB Communications for sharing these charts with me.

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How Effective are Social Media Platforms for Technology Marketers?

Joe Pulizzi and the team at the Content Marketing Institute have released exclusive research for technology marketers. This report is a must read because it will help us all improve at being more effective at content marketing. The term “effective” can mean different things to different people though. So, be sure to establish objectives for your content marketing plans and then measure against them. And, realize that what might be effective for you and your company might differ from others. For example, the most effective social platform for my agency is LinkedIn for attracting highly interested readers. We know because those that visit this site from LinkedIn spend, on average, 6 minutes consuming our content. Twitter on the other hand is the most effective channel for generating new inbound leads. Below is how technology marketers rank the effectiveness of social media platforms.

Week of April 18th

How Many People on the Internet are Using Social Networks?

There are 3.25 billion people on the internet today representing over 44% of the total global population. It’s estimated that by 2018 half of the global population, 3.6 billion, will be connected to the Internet. At the same time the popularity and use of social networks also continues to grow. If there was any doubt that social networks are a fad… think again. And then act on it. But, think about how you will use social networks for your company, your employees and yourself. It’s not just about setting up an Instagram account or “getting on Snapchat”. Also, think about how social should smartly integrate with other marketing and sale activities. If you’re a technology company, hire us and we’ll show you some examples!

What’s the Social Media Engagement Rate for B2B Companies by Industry and Social Network?

An interesting, and for some, eye opening chart on engagement rates based on industry and social networks for B2B companies. It’s based on a report by TrackMaven that measured “engagement” rates per 1000 followers. Engagement is the interactions you have on social media. This can include: shares, likes, profile views, link clicks, follows, mentions, hearts, pins, comments etc. It’s some form of reaction to something you post on a social network.  For this report, the TrackMaven software platform was used to analyze the social media content from 316 leading B2B brands across 16 industries from January 1, 2015, through December 31, 2015. What’s important to remember is you must be able to measure the impact these networks and engagement is having on business outcomes (goals).

Week of April 25th

What Are the Top Strategic Programs Defining Marketing Departments?

This quote from Peter Drucker sums up this chart nicely:

Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.”  – Peter Drucker

I’d add that the purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer. The challenge with these companies, all with more than $500M in sales, is to put in place a program that is aligned with sales and service in doing just that.

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How Important is it for B2B Companies to be Customer Centric?

According to UK/US B2B marketers it’s extremely important. My question to them is when hasn’t it been? The follow up question is how are lines of businesses and key functional departments aligning and working together in order to be customer centric? How are relationships with key accounts and key contacts created and what role does marketing, sales, service and operations play? A tricky set of questions!


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