My top 3 tweets #2

Welcome to my top three tweets for the week of May 25, 2015. Each week I pick my top 3 tweets and package them into a blog post. Those that know me would agree that I love to try stuff out and experiment. This is an experiment that I’m doing to generate more content for my blog and more engagement on Twitter. I’ll have a brief blurb about the tweet and encourage you to contribute to the Twitter conversation. Let’s learn together and please borrow this idea for your blogs and businesses. All I ask is you consider hiring my agency one day! – Chris.

No 1: Top Social Platforms for B2B/B2C Marketers

Why top 3?: This tweet is highly relevant to many of my marketing kin on Twitter and reinforces that the “big 3” is where we need to focus much of our attention.

No 2: Using Twitter to Crowdsource advice

Why top 3?: I wanted to show some students how my network and followers could be used to get advice. It worked! Check out the advice they got.

No 3: Stepping Up in the Moment

Why top 3?: I really like the story that I shared in this tweet. An IBM’er gave up his seat, on the spot, because there were no women on an expert panel.

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