My top 3 tweets #6

Welcome to my top three tweets for the week of June 22, 2015. Each week I pick my top 3 tweets and package them into a blog post. Those that know me would agree that I love to try stuff out and experiment. This is an experiment that I’m doing to generate more content for my blog and more engagement on Twitter. I’ll have a brief blurb about the tweet and encourage you to contribute to the Twitter conversation. Let’s learn together and please borrow this idea for your blogs and businesses. All I ask is you consider hiring my agency one day! – Chris.

No 1: Solidfire’s Pop Up Tech Talks

Why top 3?: This tweet was meant to do two things. First, to share a cool idea with my followers while recognizing Solidfire for being innovative. The second, was to make a direct connection with people from Solidfire as part of my account based marketing program (ABM). Interested in an ABM program for your company. Let us know.

No 2: Fake Accounts

Why top 3?: I can’t stress enough how critical it is for ALL social networks to eliminate fake accounts. Letting idiots buy and sell followers has to stop. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn must report how many of their member accounts are fake, dormant and active. They need to eliminate fake accounts, reduce number of dormant accounts and re-define “active” (for me it’s weekly access at a minimum). This tweet needs to be RT’d more! Or create one of your own and encourage more people to voice this issue to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  One solution is a hackathon! Let’s do it!

No 3: Social and Selling do Mix!

Why top 3?: One needs to be careful about generic and all encompassing claims like this! Tim is a sales leader at Oracle who is worth listening to and learning from. He’s using Twitter daily to connect, engage and yes (it’s not a bad thing) sell using social media. He’s developing his personal brand as a business leader. This tweet made my top three for the following reasons: 1) The content is of high value to my followers and me as well; 2) Tim is a great contact for me to get to know and, 3) It hit on all engagement cylinders. Those being: retweets, favourites, clicks and potential reach. The only thing missing was lack of @s (mentions).

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