My top 3 tweets #8

Welcome to my top three tweets for the week of July 6, 2015. Each week I pick my top 3 tweets and package them into a blog post. Those that know me would agree that I love to try stuff out and experiment. This is an experiment that I’m doing to generate more content for my blog and more engagement on Twitter. I’ll have a brief blurb about the tweet and encourage you to contribute to the Twitter conversation. Let’s learn together and please borrow this idea for your blogs and businesses. All I ask is you consider hiring my agency one day! – Chris.

No 1: Does the Lean Startup Method Work?

Why top 3?: I’m a perpetual learner when it comes to startups. I do this because some of my clients are startups like Maps BI [Client] as are members of Silicon Halton [I’m co-founder]. When I read an article I’ll sometimes share it on Twitter if it’s relevant to my target audience. In this tweet I chose to include a pull quote from the article and cite who I discovered it from and the writer/journalist. What’s interesting is who faved it. Some are focused on startups. Twitter not only helps you discover content but people that are interesting and candidates for your network/community.

No 2: A Tweet that Sucked?!

Why top 3?: This is a tweet that went no where (so far and it would have helped if I used the word “Do” instead of “To”). I don’t do Q&A Tweets often and rarely participating in Tweet chats. There are various reasons why a Q&A style Tweet works or doesn’t and that’s beyond the scope of this post. I think the question is a good one given that some people question the ROI of social media. My answer? Yes a follow back is a conversion if it’s the right person or organization. For more on how to judge that check out my 4 Rs of marketing principles.

No 3: Internet of Everything and a Photo Hack

Why top 3?: I’ve worked with Cisco in the past and hope to again in the future especially given their focus on the Industrial Internet of Things, their commitment to startups in Canada and their commitment to using social to share and engage as a brand and as individuals. In this tweet  I wanted to share a post from Cisco India that shows key industry examples of the “Internet of Things” (Cisco prefers to use “The Internet of Everything”). Two reasons why this makes the top three. First, the amount of engagement it received and who specifically engaged with the tweet. Second, I hacked all of the icons together and used the image in the quote. I’m hoping Cisco didn’t mind! By the way, a post like this has serious shelf life and innovative things can be done with this content to create organic reach and engagement.

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