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B to B Marketing Guide for 2020

Your B to B Marketing Guide for 2020 UPDATED: Nov 2/20 | Newest Updates are highlighted in yellow below This post is for Business to Business marketing professionals to use as a guide for their 2020 B2B marketing planning. We hope that you find it useful today and throughout … more

Mi6 Round Up

Mi6 Round Up | September 2020

Covers: Making the Case for Co-Marketing in 2020 | How Many Target Accounts Do Reps Handle in ABM Programs? | How to Build Community-Centric Virtual Events … more

Mi6 Round Up, August 2020

Mi6 Round Up | August 2020

Covers: Reimagining Marketing in the Next Normal | Upstream vs. Downstream Marketing, Explained | The New Rules of Marketing (2020 Edition) … more

Mi6 Round Up | July 2020

Covers: What Types of Content Generate Leads that Convert? | 5 Big Obstacles Encountered by B2B Content Marketers | B2B Buyers Value These Traits in Salespeople … more


Mi6 Round Up | June 2020

Covers: No Need to Survey, You Already Have Data for Great Storytelling | Marketers and Salespeople Confident in ABM As the Right Strategy, but Struggle to Execute Programs at Scale | The Next Phase of Partner Marketing … more

Mi6 Agency Round Up February 2018

Round Ups are published twice a month and feature summaries and opinion on 6 handpicked articles that caught our eye in the areas sales and marketing; technology and the c-suite.Events rule when it comes to B2B marketing and sales. Over 40% of marketing budgets are allocated to events as compared to other tactics to generate … more

Ads from the Past

Come and see our collection of print ads from the past. … more

Social Media Sucks Doesn’t It?

Social media sucks doesn’t it? The answer is yes and no. For business professionals social media doesn’t have to suck. It boils down to how we use it. … more

Technology’s Future According to a Venture Capitalist

Technology’s future depends on interaction between venture capitalists, tech founders and practitioners. Here’s how Sequoia sees the future of technology … more

How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

Experts say blog posts should be more than 300 words. But what’s the ideal blog post length? We did some research but does it really matter? Read on … more

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