We’re aiming to provide value, add learning and engagement experiences for B2B marketing, sales and business development professionals. Here’s what we’ve cooked up:

7 Question Interview Series

An investigative interview series where we interview key leaders in key roles that matter to our clients. The interview questions vary but our goal is debunk or validate “norms” and answer key questions that we think our clients need to know.

  • Angels and VCs: ideal for entrepreneurs and startups that need to understand what Angels and VCs are looking for in a team and an idea. Other key questions they answer include whether a startup only has one chance to pitch, their due diligence process and whether they are bullish on the Canadian tech marketing scene. Dive in to the interviews here.
  • Chief Marketing Officers: launching in 2015. Please connect with Chris Herbert if you’d like to be interviewed or sponsor this interview series.

Peer Engagement

  • LinkedIn Group: a private LinkedIn group for B2B marketing professionals who want to have discussions on a range of topics including: selling, network and community development, lead generation and social media. This group is managed and moderated by Chris Herbert who has extensive experience and expertise managing LinkedIn groups and developing strategic business networks and communities. Apply to join the group here.