Funding Advice for Tech Startups ebook

Advice for Startups from 18 Angels and Venture Capitalists

7Q Series for Startups

Looking for funding for your startup from an angel investor or venture capitalist? If so, great, this ebook has been written withyou in mind!

We reached out to 18 angels and venture capitalists across North America. We asked them 7 key questions on the minds of startup founders and boy did we learn a lot! Now you can too.

    1. When would it be appropriate for a startup to seek investment from you?
    2. What’s more important: the idea, the team or both?
    3. What are you looking for in a startup team? What does a winning team look like?
    4. What are you looking for in an idea? What does a winning idea look like?
    5. Does a startup really have only one shot?
    6. Can you describe your due diligence process? What’s important for a startup to know about it?
    7. In your view, is Canada a fertile ground for tech startups? If so, why and in what ways is Canada unique and competitive in this regard? Are you investing in Canada.
  • Janet Bannister, General Partner, Real Ventures
  • Warren Bergen, President, AVAC Ltd.
  • John Breakey, President, Fivel Systems
  • Simon Chong, Managing Partner, Georgian Partners
  • Steve Duckering
  • Brad Feld, Managing Director, Foundry Group | Cofounder, TechStars
  • Sandi Gilbert, Founder of SeedUps Canada
  • Angela Kingyens, Investor, Version One Ventures
  • Anthony Patrick Lee, General Partner, Altos Ventures
  • Patrick Lor, CEO of Dissolve
  • Boris Mann, Managing Partner, Human
  • Jim Orlando, Managing Director, OMERS
  • Doug Osborne, Angel Investor
  • Whitney Rockley, cofounder, McRock Capital
  • Sanjay Singhal, CEO,
  • Mark Skapinker, Angel Investor
  • Randy Thompson, Angel Investor
  • Dawn Umlah, Investment Manager, Innovacorp

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