Grey Bruce Internet Providers

Grey Bruce Internet Providers

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Who are the Grey Bruce internet providers and how do you know what they offer and if they offer internet where you live or work? 

That was my question when we moved back to the Grey Bruce area in July 2021. But, because this is rural Ontario there’s more to consider than just knowing who can provide Internet access to your home or business. And, just because you see a truck driving by with the name of an ISP (Internet Service Provider) it doesn’t mean they offer Internet in your area. 

It’s not that easy to find a full range of providers in the Grey Bruce area. So, I’ve created this post to help. This post is part of a broadband research project being conducted by yours truly. If you’d like to learn more about this study send me a note or you can follow my Twitter thread.

There is a patchwork of internet providers in Grey Bruce and this post is designed to help you narrow down your search quickly. So let’s dig in!


HurtonTel’s mission is to earn the business of members by promoting a culture of quality service and trust to deliver Best in Class Broadband Telecommunications services.

Grey-Bruce Service Areas: Walkerton, Zion, Auburn, Goderich, Wingham, Union, Ripley, Kincardine, Dungannon, Lucknow, Kitchigami, Whitechurch, The Bluffs at Huron

Offices: Goderich, ON; Kincardine, ON; Wingham, ON; Ripley, ON

Offering: Internet, Digital TV, Cellular, Telephone

Customers: Residential, Business

Internet Types: Fixed Wireless; Fibre

Network Maps: Fixed Wireless | Fibre

More Info: Website | 877-395-3800 | Contact Us

Comments: Cooperative! Founded over 100 years ago. 

Bruce Telecom

Bruce Telecom is the region’s local communications leader. We’re still in the telephone business, but are so much more. We represent all of the ways that people connect together and feel a sense of belonging.

Grey-Bruce Service Areas: Chesley, Hepworth, Kincardine, Meaford, Owen-Sound, Paisley, Port-Elgin, Sauble-Beach, Southampton, Tara, Tiverton, Wiarton

Offices: Tiverton, ON; Port Elgin, ON; Kincardine, ON

Offering: Internet, Digital TV, Cellular, Telephone

Customers: Residential, Business

Internet Types: Not disclosed on their website but my research, so far, has them offering DSL for residential and Fibre for business.

Network Maps: Not available

More Info: Website | 866-517-2000 | Contact Us

Comments: Bruce Telecom is a public utility that is wholly owned by the Corporation of the Municipality of Kincardine. The company is controlled and managed at arm’s length through a Council appointed Municipal Services Board which was established in 2006 through By-Law No. 2006-266.

Grey Bruce Telecom (GBTel)

GBTel provides rural wireless high-speed internet to homes, cottages, businesses and farms in areas of Owen Sound, and Grey and Bruce counties, that have been neglected by other companies.

Grey-Bruce Service Areas: Allenford, Annan, Alvanley, Arkwright, Arran, Lake Balaclava, Bass Lake, Bognor, Carsons Campground, Chatsworth, Chesley Lake, Clarksburg, Clavering, Colpoy’s Bay, Desboro, Dobbinton, Elsinore, Francis Lake, French Bay, Gould Lake, Hepworth, Hoath Head, Hogg, Holland Centre, Howdenvale, Jackson, Keady, Kilsyth, Leith, Lincoln    Park(?), Massie, Meaford, Mennonite Corner, Oliphant, Park Head, Ravenna, Red Bay, Rockford, Sauble Beach, Shallow Lake, Tara, Thornbury, Walter’s Falls, Wiarton, Williamsford, Woodford

Offices: Owen Sound, ON

Offering: Internet, Telephone

Customers: Residential, Business

Internet Types: Fixed Wireless; Fibre

Network Maps: Fixed Wireless | Fibre

More Info: Website | 519-378-1410

Comments: I am currently a customer of GBTel with Fixed Wireless access which provides, on a good day, 8.69 Mbps download speed and 2.21 Mbps upload speed. The sales and support team are responsive and helpful. 

Wightman Telecom

Added: Nov 6/21

Wightman is a company founded on the “people come first” principle. Imagine, a Telecom company that has real, live people who will answer your call. A local company that is just a short drive or call away.

Grey-Bruce Service Areas: Ayton, Carlsruhe, Formosa, Hanover, Mildmay, Newstadt, Owen Sound, Silent Valley Park, Teeswater, Walkerton.

Offices: Clifford, Arthur, Hanover, Orangeville, Fergus, Stratford

Offering: Internet, Phone, TV, Mobile, Security, Web Hosting, Co-location

Customers: Residential, Business

Internet Types: DSL, Fibre

Network Maps: None available

More Info: Website | 888-477-2177

Comments: A really cool family owned private business started in the early 1920s. Learn more about Weightman’s roots.


Update: Oct 18/21

  • The press release announcing their new 50/10MBPS offering to rural markets has been taken down
  • Repeated efforts, have gone unanswered, by senior management asking for coverage areas in Grey Bruce

Headquartered in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Xplornet Communications Inc. is one of Canada’s leading broadband service providers. For over a decade, Xplornet has been providing innovative broadband solutions to rural customers at work, home and play across Canada. Today, Xplornet offers voice and data communication services through its unique wireless and satellite network that connects Canadians to what matters.

Grey-Bruce Service Areas: Currently unable to provide a list here. You can check if they cover your area here. Their press release (no longer available) on their newest offering and for what markets was taken down but here it is using Wayback: “Xplornet to provide 50/10 MBPS speeds to 300,000 homes in rural areas across Ontario”.

Offices: Markham, ON; Woodstock, NB

Offering: Internet, Telephone

Customers: Residential, Business

Internet Types: Satellite, Fixed Wireless

Network Maps: Broadband Map (via Wayback)

More Info: Website | 877-969-3152 | Contact Us

Comments: I know of one person, in her home, that used Bruce Telecom and Xplornet in order to get a service level close to what she needs for her family. Two ISPs!

Other providers

The following ISPs have been confirmed as providing service in Grey Bruce. I’ll be getting more details for each and will update this post.

Starlink: It is available in some areas in Grey Bruce. You’ll need to go to their website and enter your postal code to see if it’s available or not. If it is, you can order the dish and the service. If not, you can put down a deposit and you’ll be notified when the service is available. Elon Musk uses this approach to pre-sell new Tesla models as well. 

Telesat: An alternative satellite service to Starlink was announced in August 2021 that will be available in 2024.

Rogers: Broadband is available in Grey Bruce from Rogers. Three businesses I frequent in Owen Sound are using them. 

About this post

I moved back to Grey Bruce in the summer of 2021 and continue on my entrepreneurial path which includes the continued development of my ventures including Mi6. When it came to Internet service I was spoiled when living and working in Oakville. Broadband speeds were in excess of 300Mbps down! When we moved to Grey Bruce we were surprised with the speeds we were getting at our rural home. 

Discussions with neighbours combined with my experience and interest in technology led me on this journey of finding out where things are at when it comes to high speed internet in rural areas like Grey Bruce. I hope you get value from this post and the research I’m doing on Grey Bruce internet providers.