The History of Technology | 1960 to 1970

We’re going to take you back a bit in the technology time continuum. This is part of a series of posts we’re publishing on the History of Technology. We’ve hand picked some key moments in technology that we think were significant. These are defining moments where technology pioneers created a product, a technology or a company… or did or said something of significance. Think of these posts as time capsules that chronicle some of the most interesting times in tech along with the odd gaff! We’ve also included the top songs, movies and TV shows too!

The History of Technology 1960 to 1970

During this decade industrial automation drives innovation, ASCII and UNIX get their start and the space race is in full bloom.  Pioneers begin working with artificial intelligence and chatbots, Ma Bell takes her first hit from acoustic modems and a sci-fi TV show predicts a future boon of wearable tech and universal communication.

The first industrial robot is put to work – meet Unimate

The first video game from MIT: Spacewar!

Alexa, please meet Eliza

Star Trek premieres: and look at the tech it inspired

Top Movies, Songs and TV Shows

During this decade what were people watching and listening to? Here’s the top 10 movies [source], TV series [source] and songs the 60s [source].