Last Week in Tech: Apr 10 to Apr 16, 2017

Bloomberg Technology News is “must watch TV” for us and many tech professionals, entrepreneurs and investors.

Like you though we find ourselves missing some shows for various reasons including: our heads are down working for our clients, we’re inundated with information daily and can get distracted or we simply can’t consistently and religiously watch this series. Also, we find it important to be able to go back in time and watch shows from days gone past too.

So, we’re introducing our Last Week In Tech series featuring Bloomberg Technology episodes that aired the previous week that are posted on YouTube (thanks Boomberg!). We’ve made a commitment to watch each show and provide you with a timeline breakdown so you can fast forward to stories and interviews that interest you the most.

We hope you get value from this new series and also encourage you to leave a comment so we can discuss what’s happening in the technology industry. Use the stories covered from last week as conversation starters.

Click on the + to view each day’s episode. Skim the show notes and fast forward through the video to the topic that most interests you.

Host: Caroline Hyde

00:53 | Tesla Tops GM’s Market Value. How Come? Discussion with David Welch, Bloomberg News.

06:09 | Ebay Backs Flipkart in $500M Deal | the E-Commerce Battle for India | E-Commerce Rivals Fend Off Amazon. Discussion with Spencer Soper, Bloomberg Technology and Colin Gillis, BGC Partners Research Director & Sr. Tech Analyst.

12:15 | AT&T Gears Up For 5G in $1.6B Deal.

13:00 | Leeco, Vizio Merger Won’t Proceed.

13:30 | Chip Stocks Rally, More Gains Ahead? Discussion with Ian King, Bloomberg Technology.

17:52 | China’s Farmers Take to the Sky, Automated Farming.

24:28 | E-Commerce Rivals Fend Off Amazon (part 2)

25:27 | How Lantern Credit Utilizes Artifical Intelligence | The Future of AI In Fintech | Sculley on The State of Apple. Discussion with John Sculley, Lantern Credit, Vice Chairman

31.57 | Bank of America Names New Technology Banking Head

32:40 | Googles Alphago AI Takes on China

33.12 | Jam City’s Strategy for Mobile Gaming. | Jam City Eyes Public Offeering | Mobile Game Monitization | Jam City Looks to Expand in Asia.  Discussion with Chris DeWolfe, Jam City CEO and Co-Founder; Former MySpace CEO

39:45 | Comcast to Plan Online Rival to Netflix | Jay Z Pulls Away From Spotify | How Well is Tidal Doing? Discussion with Lucas Shaw, Bloomberg News.

Host: Caroline Hyde

00:47 | President Trump Meets With CEOS | Silicon Valley’s Dynamic With Trump (Only IBM CEO attended). How is tech industry and Trump “getting along”? | Trump’s Job Creation Strategy. Discussion with Roger McNamee, Silver Lake and Elevation Partners Co-founder and Managing Director

07:14 | Toshiba Warns of Ability to Continue

08:43 | Qualcomm Fires Back at Apple. Discussion with Ian King, Bloomberg Technology and Roger McNamee, Silver Lake and Elevation Partners Co-founder and Managing Director

13:06 | What Lyft’s Funding Means for an IPO, Adds KKR in $600M Funding Round (Canadian Pension fund invests) | The Future of Ride-Hailing Apps. Discussion with Roger McNamee, Silver Lake and Elevation Partners Co-founder and Managing Director

24:23 | Becoming Addicted to Mobile Phones | The Concept Behind “Brain Hacking” | Reforming the Attention Economy | Importance of App Obsession for Tech Giants. A discussion with Tristan Harris, Former Google Design Ethicist; Founder, “Time Well Spent” and Roger McNamee, Silver Lake and Elevation Partners Co-founder and Managing Director

31:37 | EU Wraps Up Probe Into Yahoo Data Breach

32:21 | Toshiba Warns of Its Future & Their Next Move. Discussion with Cory Johnson, Bloomberg News and Roger McNamee, Silver Lake and Elevation Partners Co-founder and Managing Director

38:01 | Canada’s 1st Tech IPO in Two Years | Altice Files for U.S. Unit IPO

38:53 | FCC May Gut Net Neutrality Rules | Future of Internet Regulation. Discussion with Roger McNamee, Silver Lake and Elevation Partners Co-founder and Managing Director.

Host: Caroline Hyde

00:48 | Stocks Struggle Amid Pick Up In Volatility | Tech Stocks Fall for the ninth straight day. Discussion with Abigail Doolittle and Cory Johnson Bloomberg News

07:15 | Uber’s Head of Communications Departs Company

07:59 | Bezos: Amazon’s Bet on AI Paying off

08:25 | Qualtric Raises Funds at $2.5B Valuation. Closes $180M funding round. Discussion with Ryan Smith, Qualtrics CEO.

14:00 | Auto Industry Reacts to Rise of EVS and Tesla valuation. Discussion with Daimler Management Board Member Britta Seeger.

16:13 | Tesla Board Pressed on Ties to Musk

17:12 | NASA’s Risk of Outer-Space Hacking. Discussion with Nafeesa Syeed, Bloomberg News

24:22 | Stocks Struggle Amid Pick Up In Volatility (part 2)

25:08 | HBO’s “Silicon Valley” Returns | Tech Disruption on Hollywood. Discussion with Executive Producers, Mike Judge & Alec Berg.

31:58 | London’s First Fintech Unicorn Wouldn’t Pick U.K. Now on Brexit Concerns. Bloomberg revisits Oct 2016 discussion with Transferwise CEO, Taavet Hinrikus

33:00 | Amazon Said to Mull Whole Foods Bid. Didn’t happen

33:18 | South Korea’s Current Tech Landscape | Is Seoul the Next Silicon Valley? | Discussion with Bernard Moon, Sparklabs Global Venture Co-Founder and Partner; Sparklabs Accelerator Founder

39:32 | Burger King Ad Targets Google Home

40:12 | Anticipation Grows for Samsung S8 | Samsung Voice Assistant Bixby For S8 Delayed to Late Spring. Discussion and review with Mark Gurman, Bloomberg Technology

Host: Caroline Hyde

00:52 | Apple’s Commitment to Renewable Energy. Lisa Jackson, Apple VP of Environment, Policy & Social Initiatives

01:33 | Apple Expands it’s Renewable Energy Push to Supply Chain. Discussion with David Kirkpatrick CEO of Techonomy and Alex Webb Bloomberg Technology Reporter, 3 Apple suppliers commit to using only renewable energy

07:12 | Elon Musk unveils truck timeline

08:14 | T-Mobile wins big in airwave auction

08:39 | Internet Giants fight for net neutrality, Discussion with Internet Association president Michael Beckerman Internet Association met FCC’s Pai this week, A Business Defense of Net Neutrality, FCC aims to undo Title II classification, Pai may shift Internet Governance to
The Federal Trade Commission

15:37 | Instagram Stories has 200M daily users

16:01 | Yext opens for trading, interview with Howard Lerman, Yext CEO. Discussion with New York Bloomberg IPO Reporter Alex Barinka, outlook for the IPO, why the tech IPO pipeline is gaining steam

21:05 | Qualcomm’s wild week

21:40 | Oracle’s Catz said to have been considered for job on Trump team. Discussion with Cory Johnson Bloomberg News

23:00 | What’s next in the Apple Qualcomm Dispute, Discussion with Ian King Bloomberg Technology. Qualcomm claims Apple has interfered with its business

24:50 | Toshiba said to put temporary hold on memory chip sale process

25:10 | Taniums family empire in a crisis. Discussion with Lizette Chapman Bloomberg Technology, Allegations Tanium’s CEO mistreats staff. What is next for Tanium.

28:20 | Behind Uber’s “Hell” program. The information, Discussion with David Kirkpatrick, Techonomy CEO and Founder.

30:12 | Apple’s Sustainability push, Exclusive interview with Lisa Jackson, Apple VP of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives

36:48 | RBC Capital Ventures said Disney is “logical” target for Apple. Interview with RBC Capital Markets Analyst, Amit Daryanani

37:33 | The $200,000 Police Bomb Robot, Bloomberg TV ‘The Rise of Bomb Robots’