Last Week in Tech: Apr 17 to Apr 23, 2017

Bloomberg Technology News is “must watch TV” for us and many tech professionals, entrepreneurs and investors.

Like you though we find ourselves missing some shows for various reasons including: our heads are down working for our clients, we’re inundated with information daily and can get distracted or we simply can’t consistently and religiously watch this series. Also, we find it important to be able to go back in time and watch shows from days gone past too.

So, we’re introducing our Last Week In Tech series featuring Bloomberg Technology episodes that aired the previous week that are posted on YouTube (thanks Boomberg!). We’ve made a commitment to watch each show and provide you with a timeline breakdown so you can fast forward to stories and interviews that interest you the most.

We hope you get value from this new series and also encourage you to leave a comment so we can discuss what’s happening in the technology industry. Use the stories covered from last week as conversation starters.

Click on the + to view each day’s episode. Skim the show notes and fast forward through the video to the topic that most interests you.

Host: Caroline Hyde

02:59 | Netflix adds 4.95M streaming customers in Q. Discussion with Andre Swanson, CEO of Tru Optik, Greg Portell, Lead Partner at A.T. Kearney, Netflix Subscriber Pressure. Netflix Customers Adds fall short. Netflix’s Revenue Breakdown. Netflix Q1 Revenue $2.64B, Est. $2.6B. Netflix gives brighter Q2 outlook.

09:15 | US Stocks Gain in Session. Nvidia among top gainers in S&P 500. Possible Snap sale interest.

09:43 | Verizon said to weigh straight path bid

10:03 | How Facebook responds to crime. Facebook policies in focus after violent murder in Cleveland. Discussion with Sarah Frier, Bloomberg Tech. Navigating violence in live streaming. Navigating live streaming technology. Violence on social media. Navigating live streaming technology.

16:32 | Moneygram bidding war heats up.

16:52 | Taiwan’s first seed accelerator. Taiwan accelerator startup portfolio. Discussion with Richard Kang, Taiwan accelerator partner. Taiwan’s accelerator’s US roadshow. Startup sector in Taiwan. Taiwan’s current tech landscape. Expansion plans for Taiwan accelerator.

26:14 | Netflix gives brighter Q2 outlook. Discussion with Lucas Shaw, Bloomberg News.Netflix adds 4.95M streaming customers in Q1. Netflix Q1 Revenue $2.64B, Est. $2.6B.

29:20 | Uber shares growing financials. Discussion with Eric Newcomer, Bloomberg Tech. Uber lifts the financial veil. Why Uber shared it’s financials. Discussion with Brad Stone, Bloomberg Tech. Losses continue to bite Uber. Uber Revenue growth outpaces loss. Amazon’s influence on Uber. NYC forces Uber to add tipping option in app.

35:17 | Case: Silicon Valley will continue to be great. Talk with Steve Case, Revolution Chairman and CEO, also AOL CoFounder. Immigrants are crucial for startups.

36:19 | Cloudera plans to go public.

36:36 | Campaign for Elon Musk to dump trump. Discussion with Doug Derwin, Triage Ventures Managing Director. Behind the “Elon Dump Trump” Campaign. Elon Musk’s importance to climate change. Discussion with Alistair Barr, Bloomberg Tech. Will Musk step away from Trump board.

41:38 | Walmart eyes Ecommerce startup as possible acquisition target.

42:01 | What to expect from Facebook’s F8 conference. Discussion with Ime Archibong, Facebook VP of Partnerships. Facebook’s developer conference.

Host: Caroline Hyde

00:42 | IBM’s 1Q Sales Fall Short. Revenue sinks for 20 straight quarters. Discussion with Anurag Rana, Bloomberg Intelligence

06:32 | Apple Readies iPhone Overhaul. Discussion with Mark Gurman, Bloomberg Technology and Shira Ovide, Bloomberg Gadfly

11:45 | Wozniak On The Future of Apple. Discussion with Steve Wozniak.

15:25 | VW Gears Up To Take on Tesla.

16:32 | H-1B Visa Program Overhaul by President Trump. Discussion with Mike Dorning, Bloomberg News.

21:25 | IBM 1Q Workforce Restructuring Expense $170 Million.

22:09 | Zuckerberg’s Vision for Facebook.  Major focus is Augmented Reality. Competition with Snapchat. Artificial Intelligence to Monitor Violence. Discussion with Sarah Frier, Bloomberg Technology.

25:54 | Facebook Messenger Doubles Down on Bots After Slow Start.  Impact of Messenger on Facebook’s Revenue. Discussion with David Mark Marcus, Facebook VP of Messaging Products

30:25 | Verizon’s CEO is Open to Deal Talks, From Comcast to Disney

31:06 | Big Updates for Google Earth.

31:35 | Ballmer On Launching “USAFACTS”. Measuring Productivity. Tech Product. Ballmer on Government vs. Business. Concepts. Discussion with Steve Ballmer, Former CEO of Microsoft

37:16 | Google Buys Land Near Tesla Factory in Nevada. Why Corporations Are Heading to Nevada. Google’s Driverless Car Ambitions. Discussion with Alistair Barr, Bloomberg Technology

Host: Carolyn Hyde

00:52 | Qualcomm gains despite Apple legal troubles. Discussion with Anand Srinivasan, Bloomberg Intelligence. What to expect from Qualcomm court battle with Apple. Qcom: Apple suppliers withheld about $1B from their payments. Qualcomm 2Q Adj Rev $5.99B est. $5.87B. Qualcomm reports Q2 earnings

06:27 | Ebay struggles with turnaround

07:29 | US stocks turn in mixed performance. Discussion with Abigail Doolittle, Bloomberg News. Dow at lowest level since Feb. IBM falls most in a year.

11:06 | Apple’s new leverage with suppliers. Discussion with Alex Webb, Bloomberg Tech. Behind Apple’s component push.

14:57 | Interview with Bill Gates on taxes, immigration, and Brexit. Gates on the impact taxes have on innovation. Bill Gates on US innovation. Interview done by Manus Cranny, Bloomberg News. The impact of US immigration policies on tech. Bill Gates on Brexit’s impact on tech. . The impact of Brexit on scientific research in the UK.

20:39 | Alphabet seeks 10,000 volunteers for health study

24:33 | Qualcomm reports 2Q results. Qualcomm gains despite Apple legal troubles.

25:01 | Inside the F8 conference. Discussion with Sarah Frier, Bloomberg Tech. Zuckerberg’s vision for Facebook. Facebook’s long term vision for AR glasses. The outlook for Facebook. Discussion with Sunny Dhillon, with Signia Venture Partner. Competition between Facebook and Snap. The next phase for Facebook’s AR.

33:30 | Hyperloop faces another setback. Rob Lloyd Hyperlook CEO, talks. Tackling tech’s diversity problem. Discussion with Ellen Huet, Bloomberg Tech and and Rebecca Greenfield Bloomberg News. Diversity transparency reports show demograhics has roughly stayed the same. Why companies need to step up diversity initiatives.

40:20 | Do you need a $400 juicer? VC firms jump in on juicing craze. Discussion with Olivia Zaleski, Bloomberg Tech. Juicero has raised $120M.

Host: Carolyn Hyde

00:55 | Tesla recalls 53,000 cars. Discussion with Dana Hull, Bloomberg News. The outlook for Tesla. Tesla recalling 53,000 vehicles for faulty brakes. Tesla settles suit against ex-autopilot head.

03:44 | Simplifying customer service. Discussion with Joseph Ansanelli, Gladly CEO and Greylock Partner. The importance of brand management.  Gladly raises $36 million in Series C. Gladly Series C puts total funding at $63 Million. Ansanelli on being both an investor at Greylock and CEO of Gladly

10:52 | Silicon Valley’s cry to block travel ban.

12:19 | FCC’s Pai visits Silicon Valley. Google considering using an ad blocker on it’s chrome browser: Report. Ebay falls most in 6 months.

13:33 | Tackling Tech’s diversity problem. Measuring advancements in diversity.  Discussion with Anita Hill, Brandeis University, Professor of Social Policy, Law and Women’s Studies and Ellen Pao, Kapor Capital Partner. How to change the culture of Silicon Valley. How to maintain and create diversity. The case for diversity.

24:48 | Baidu’s driverless car technology. Baidu’s challenge to Google and Tesla. Discussion with Ya-Qin Zhang, Baidu President. Baidu’s driverless car technology. Baidu’s focus on AI.

31:24 | Juicero offering refunds to all customers.

32:58 | Verizon on Q1 Results. Verizon sheds 307K users in Q1. Discussion with Cory Johnson, Bloomberg News. Verizon open to talks with Comcast, Disney, and CBS. Verizon entertaining big mergers. Verizon sheds 307,000 customers.

37:54 | The FTC cracks down on Instagram influencers.

38:17 | Anticipation for Samsung S8. Smartphone demand slows down. Discussion with Ben Bajarin, Creative Strategies Analyst and Cory Johnson, Bloomberg News. Smartphone competition heats up.Smartphone cycle grows more intense. Weighing user interest in Samsung. Smartphone competition heats up.

Host: Caroline Hyde

00:48 | Founders Fund’s Focus on Big Tech. | Founders Fund Stands Out in VC | Behind Facebook’s Deal With Oculus | The Internet of Things | To Stay Private or Go Public? | Spotify’s Plan to Go Public | Investing in the Idea or Founding Team? | Behind Founders Fund’s Investments | How Do They Identify Strategic Moats? | Becoming a Top Venture Capitalist. Interview with Brian Singerman, Founders Fund Partner and David Kirkpatrick, Techonomy CEO.

07:38 | Uber Extends Sexual Harassment Probe: Recode

08:25 | Founders Fund Investments in Healthcare | M&A Landscape in Biotech | Importance of Investing in Health Sector, Road Ahead for Oscar Health | Do Regulations Impact Investments? | Impact of Tech Disruption on Jobs | Founders Fund Stands Out in VC | Founders Fund Future Investments. Interview with Brian Singerman, Founders Fund Partner.

15:11 | Fox-Sky Decision Delayed Until After U.K. Election

16:03 | Walmart e-Commerce Chief’s Pay Day

16:37 | Pinterest Retires its Like Button | Differentiates Itself from Social Networks. Interview with David Kirkpatrick, Techonomy CEO and Sarah Frier, Bloomberg Technology.

24:27 | Tech Week in Review | Netflix Adds 4.95M Streaming Customers in 1Q | Netflix Subscriber Pressure | Inside F8 Conference | Facebook’s Big Bet on Augmented Reality and Long-Term Vision for AR Glasses | Juicero Offering Refunds to All Customers. VC Funding Gone Wild! Deep dive with Brad Stone, Bloomberg Technology and David Kirkpatrick, Techonomy CEO

31:12 | France Heads to The Polls on Sunday.

32:38 | Apple Hires Top Google Satellite Execs | Why Apple Would Be Interested in Satellite Operations? | Apple Said To Have Held Talks On Investing in Boeing Satellite Broadband Project. Interview with Mark Gurman, Bloomberg Technology and David Kirkpatrick, Techonomy CEO

38:41 | Snap Acquires Geofilter Patent From Mobli: Tech Crunch.

39:38 | Japan’s Ricoh Joins Apple and Google with 100% Clean Energy Goal

40:00 | Apple’s Sustainability Push | Apple Has to Innovate to Help Suppliers, Customers Go Green | Apple’s Moonshot Environment Project. Interview with Lisa Jackson, Apple Vice President of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives