Last Week in Tech: Apr 24 to Apr 30, 2017

Bloomberg Technology News is “must watch TV” for us and many tech professionals, entrepreneurs and investors.

Like you though we find ourselves missing some shows for various reasons including: our heads are down working for our clients, we’re inundated with information daily and can get distracted or we simply can’t consistently and religiously watch this series. Also, we find it important to be able to go back in time and watch shows from days gone past too.

So, we’re introducing our Last Week In Tech series featuring Bloomberg Technology episodes that aired the previous week that are posted on YouTube (thanks Boomberg!). We’ve made a commitment to watch each show and provide you with a timeline breakdown so you can fast forward to stories and interviews that interest you the most.

We hope you get value from this new series and also encourage you to leave a comment so we can discuss what’s happening in the technology industry. Use the stories covered from last week as conversation starters.

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Host: Caroline Hyde

00:54 | US Stocks best day since March 1st. Discussion with Abigal Doolittle, Bloomberg News. Nasdaq closes at record high.

04:43 | Amazon Edging up shares.  Two analysts update Amazons PT. Michael Pachter, Wedbush Securities, Managing Director, and Heath Terry, Goldman Sachs analyst. Bullish on Amazon. Tech Earnings out this week.  Discussion with Jitendra Waral, Bloomberg Intelligence. Investors take notice of Amazon. What to expect from Alphabet earnings. Wall Street eyes Twitter user numbers.

10:14 | Delivery Hero weighing IPO to spur growth and Telefonica said to weigh IPO for O2 Unit.

11:01 | Flying car myth becoming reality. Larry Page’s flying car ambitions. Discusson with Brad Stone, Bloomberg Tech. A look at Kitty Hawk’s flying car. Flying cars face regulatory hurdles. Uber kicks off Flying Car Summit. Europe shows off flying car tech. Comparing Kitty Hawk and Zee Aero.

17:00 | “Out of this World” Nasa astronaut sets space record. Most cumulative time in space. Is a woman.

17:41 | IBM CEO $33M Pay up for debate at the shareholders meeting. Might be closer to $50M with stock options and how IBM values them. Discussion with Anders Melin, Bloomberg News. Her first 4 years of tenure shares have dropped. Truth behind IBM CEO pay package.

24:32 | Softbank said to plan investment in Improbable, London based VR startup. Discussion with Selina Wang, Bloomberg Tech. The outlook for for Softbank’s vision fund. Masayoshi son’s investment strategy.

27:40 | Square said to acquire team from Yik Yak. Why Square acquired Yik Yak’s engineers.

29:33 | Amazon reportedly working on self driving vehicles reports the Wall Street Journal.

30:09 | Tesla to double the number of superchargers with massive solar stations. Also increasing it’s destination chargers. Discussion with Dana Hull, Bloomberg News. Tesla doubles it’s superchargers.

33:37 | T-Mobile’s strong subscriber growth. Discussion with T-Mobile President and CEO, John Legere. T-Mobile’s 1Q revenue 9.61B, Est 9.63B. Consolidation in the mobile market. Higher competition for T-Mobile. Recent competition in unlimited data.

41:15 | Sony surges on prelim results.

41:47 | Bringing tech to brick & mortar. Farfetch’s retail store of the future. Pitch by Gavin Williams, Director of Product Development at Farfetch.

Host: Caroline Hyde

00:47 |  Nasdaq closes at record high. Discussion with Abigal Doolittle, Bloomberg News. Nasdaq closes above 6,000. Winners Netflix, Baidu and Biogen Inc. US best two days since Nov. New record highs for Alphabet.

04:40 | Uber rolls out flying car plans. Discussion with Eric Newcomer, Bloomberg Tech. Uber plans to test flying cars in Dallas and Dubai by 2020. Uber’s Holden: We actually get to live in the era of flying cars. Flying car tech enters new phase. Uber kicks off elevate conference.

08:45 | Alphabet’s self driving car Waymo testing cars with the public.

09:05 | Nissan joins Mobileye maps project.

09:57 | Whoop Wearables makes deal with NFL. Discussion with Will Ahmed, Whoop CEO. How athletes can score big on health data. Future deals for Whoop. Competition in the wearables market.

15:25 | Macron hit repeatedly by cyber hacks.

16:37 | Alibaba to host conference in Detroit. Sina chairman outlines growth plans. Discussion with Charles Chao, Sina Chairman & CEO. Chao, 2016 Ad Revenue up 100%- 110% . User growth is slowing. Chao sees bubbles in Chinese tech.

24:36 | Another banner day in the stocks. Discussion with Cory Johnston, Bloomberg Tech. US stocks best two days since Nov. AT&T postpaid subscribers shrink. AT&T maintains outlook despite record loss of wireless users. T-mobile CEO calls out AT&T customer drop. AMS sees higher volumes for 2H 2017. AMS surges due to order backlog. Netflix’s international focus. Netflix 2016 geographic revenues. Texas instruments sees strong chip demand.

29:14 | SAP’s sales top estimates as software spending grows. SAP’s outlook for it’s S4 HANA product. Discussion with Luka Mucic, SAP CFO. SAP on US corporate tax reform. SAP on future US investments.

33:15 | Ericsson CEO: We’ll cut unprofitable deals. Speaking Borje Ekholm, Ericsson CEO.

34:15 | Google to tweak its search engine to fight fake news.

34:42 | Apple hires NASA AR guru. Discussion with Mark Gurman, Bloomberg Tech. Why Apple hired NASA AR guru. Apple dives into augmented reality.

38:06 | Writer’s Guild of America potential strike. Discussion with Anousha Sakoui, Bloomberg News. What will happen to TV ad dollars.

41:44 | Twitter set to announce earnings. What not to miss in Twitter’s earnings. Bloomberg’s Scarlett Fu, looks at Twitter’s decline. Twitter not to turn a profit until Q1 of 2018.

Host: Caroline Hyde

00:49 | White House Tax proposal. White House rolls out tax plan. Discussion with Lisa DeSimone, Stanford Graduate School of Business Assistant Prof. in Accounting and Tom Giles, Bloomberg Technology. What Trump tax plan means for tech. The in’s and out’s of Trump’s tax plan. Trump says ‘great’ tax plan will put people back to work.

09:32 | “The Revolving Door” in tech. VC Investor Sacca to retire from investing.

10:21 | Twitter’s monthly active users. Twitter’s revenue. Twitter surprises by adding users. Discussion with Melissa Parish, Forrestor Research Director and Cory Johnstone, Bloomberg News. Twitter’s monthly active user growth. Shrinking value of Twitter user. Twitter’s Revenue. Twitter jumps on 1Q results. Twitter Q1 revenue tops estimates. Why Twitter needs a game changer. Twitter’s long term strategy for ads.

16:52 | Paypal partnerships deliver growth.

17:51 | Disney’s ESPN said to cut 100 jobs.

18:10 | What not to miss in Alphabet’s earnings. Scarlet Fu looks at Alphabet’s earnings. Google, Facebook dominate ad revenue. Advertising: Head of the class for Alphabet. The rise of digital advertising. Google’s other revenue heads to the clouds. Alphabet’s revenue missing estimates.

24:32 | FCC Chief calls for net neutrality rollback. Lawmakers to react to plans for net neutrality rollback. Discussion with Ajit Pa, FCC Chairman. Comcast since 2015 net neutrality rules passed. The fight over Net Neutrality’s Title II Classification. Companies in favour of of 2015 net neutrality rules; Amazon, Netflix and Google. Schumer Democrats won’t tolerate FCC ‘conspiring’ with industry.   FCC Chief Pai: Net Neutrality rules cause uncertainty. FCC’s Pai says he’s beginning internet discussion. Pai says he seeks best way to preserve free open internet. Pai says he backs light-touch regulatory approach for internet. Pai says he seeks ‘public input’ on internet rules.

33:30 | Exclusive conversation with Dropbox CEO Drew Houston.  Dropbox reaches key profit milestone on path to IPO. Dropbox’s $1Billion revenue run rate. Dropbox is profitable on EBITDA basis.Dropbox’s growth milestones. Dropbox’s revenue efficiency. Houston says pain points become opportunities for Dropbox. Dropbox CEO on current administration. Drew Houston’s advice to entrepreneurs.

39:30 | Didi most valuable Chinese startup after latest funding round. Discussion with Lulu Chen, Bloomberg News. Didi Chuxing’s high profile investors, Apple, SoftBank Group, Tencent, Alibaba Group. Didi near deal to raise $5B-$6B. Didi takes on Uber, Alphabet, Baidu in autonomous driving. Ride hailing next big market is India. Didi facing strict Chinese regulations.

Host: Caroline Hyde

00:46 | Amazon shares up about 4%. Amazon’s earnings at a glance. Amazon’s international strategy. Discussion with Jitendra Waral, Bloomberg Intelligence and James McQuivey, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research. Amazon’s operating margins. Amazon’s sales growth. Amazon 1Q AWS Net Sales $3.66B Amazon’s international expansion. Amazon studios original content. Amazon’s success with AI & Echo. Amazon shares popping. Amazon 1Q EPS $1.48, EST $1.08.

07:27 | Microsoft 3Q ADJ EPS 73C, EST. 70C : Intel 1Q ADJ. EPS 66C, EST 65C  

08:19 | Alphabet earnings snapshot. Shares surging. Alphabet worth $610M. Alphabet 1Q EPS $7.73 Discussion with Mike Bailey, FBB Capital Partners, Director of Research and Harry Kargman, Kargo, Founder and CEO. Alphabet CEO: A lot more to come in pairing, AI hardware. Impact of Youtube Ad boycott.  Alphabet earnings show strong start to 2017. Alphabet 1Q paid clicks up 44%.

14:58 | Paypal’s partnership push. Paypal’s partnerships deliver growth. Discussion with John Rainey, Paypal CFO. Paypal’s focus on partnerships. Paypal’s credit business. M&A strategy for Paypal. Expanding payments in emerging economies. Paypal’s strategy for Venmo. Expanding the social elements in Venmo.Competition in the payments industry.

21:30 | Intel reports 1Q earnings. Intel 1Q Net Rev. $14.8B, EST. $14.8B

22:07 | Microsoft capital expenditures misses lowest estimates. Discussion with ‘Aunrag Rana, Bloomberg Intelligence. Microsoft 3Q ADJ REV $23.6B, EST. $23.6B. Microsoft reports weakness in sales of its surface tablet. Microsoft 3Q Intelligent Cloud REV. $6.76B, EST. $6.61B. Microsoft bets on the cloud. Digging into Microsoft’s results. Microsoft Cloud ramps up partnerships. Discussion with Microsoft VP of Commercial Business Judson Althoff: Growth in Cloud continues to be super strong. Microsoft recently announced cloud partnerships with UBS, Maersk. Boom in hybrid cloud technology. Microsoft’s Azure vs. AWS  Excited about our momentum in the cloud business.

29:00 | NIKKEI: Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou to meet with President Trump.

29:25 | Impact of Youtube Boycott. Discussion with Sundar Pichai, Google CEO.

30:09 | Boxed bets on new automation system. Discussion with Chieh Huang, Boxed CEO Amazon rival Boxed sees narrow inventory as winning edge. The differences between Amazon and Boxed. How Boxed plans to take on Amazon. The sales battle for household goods. The growth outlook for Boxed.

36:07 | GoPro beats sales expectations. Discussion with Selina Wang, Bloomberg Tech. : Baidu 1Q Rev. $2.45B, EST. $2.44B. Baidu 1Q ADJ profit per ads $1.00,  EST.  .89C. : Lyft bookings and ridership soar

39:22 | First photos of Apple’s autonomous car

39:59 | Post earnings reaction

Host: Caroline Hyde

00:49 | This week’s earnings roundup. Alphabet shows momentum. Discussion with Cory Johnston, Bloomberg News and Mark Mahaney, RBC Capital Markets Managing Director. Alphabets solid 1Q earnings. Alphabet boosted by ad clicks. Alphabet hits record high. Youtube’s ad crisis averted. : A look at Amazon’s Cloud Ambitions. Amazon hits record high. The most valuable companies Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft and Amazon. : What to expect fro Facebook earnings. : Trump’s relationship with tech.

08:16 | Tesla likely to build four more mega factories.

08:54 | GoPro shares tumble on turnaround doubts

09:19 | Apple cuts off payments to Qualcomm. Qualcomm responds to Apple. Discussion with Ian King, Bloomberg Technology. Apple’s relationship with Qualcomm. Who will win Apple Qualcomm battle. Apple, Qualcomm court battle mounts.

13:43 | IPO pipeline heats up. Tom Reilly, Cloudera CEO. Cloudera’s $225M share sale. Cloudera’s valuation gap. Cloudera CEO on competitors.

15:52 | Carvana CEO on company outlook. Ernest Garcia, Carvana CEO. Carvana CEO outlook on IPO.

17:24 | IPO pipeline heats up. Discussion with Alex Barinka, Bloomberg News. Cloudera and Carvana both priced IPO’s at $15/share. The tech IPO landscape.

20:55 | Uber investing in flying car technology.  

24:30 | President Trump’s tech impact. Trump’s relationship with tech. Discussion with Alistair Barr, Bloomberg Tech. and Tom Giles, Bloomberg Tech. Twitter surprises by adding users. Twitter’s long term ad strategy. : Amazon extends growth streak. : Flying car enters new phase. Tech industry plans to make flying cars a reality. Uber plans to test flying cars in Dallas and Dubai by 2020.

30:30 | Highlights from Uber’s Elevate Conference Discussion with Francois Chopard, Starburst Acclerator CEO : Inside Uber’s plans for flying vehicles. Investing in flying car tech. Flying car enters new phase.

35:45 | Uber demotes man at the centre of Waymo self-driving car lawsuit.

36:45 | The impact of VR on storytelling.VRTL Summit : Discussion with Robert Stromberg, The Virtual Reality Company Co-Founder. The future of VR and it’s impact on film. How VR is transforming storytelling. Hurdles facing virtual reality.

42:09 | How Facebook fights propaganda.

42:38 | AIRBNB to serve business travellers

43:02 | VW triples electric car budget