Last Week in Tech: Jun 12 to June 16, 2017

Bloomberg Technology News is “must watch TV” for us and many tech professionals, entrepreneurs and investors.

Like you though we find ourselves missing some shows for various reasons including: our heads are down working for our clients, we’re inundated with information daily and can get distracted or we simply can’t consistently and religiously watch this series. Also, we find it important to be able to go back in time and watch shows from days gone past too.

So, we’re introducing our Last Week In Tech series featuring Bloomberg Technology episodes that aired the previous week that are posted on YouTube (thanks Boomberg!). We’ve made a commitment to watch each show and provide you with a timeline breakdown so you can fast forward to stories and interviews that interest you the most.

We hope you get value from this new series and also encourage you to leave a comment so we can discuss what’s happening in the technology industry. Use the stories covered from last week as conversation starters.

Click on the + to view each day’s episode. Skim the show notes and fast forward through the video to the topic that most interests you.

Host: Emily Chang

00:52 | Tech selloff spreads globally lead by Nasdaq’s worst two days since September.

06:06 | Microsoft’s new Xbox console targets hardcore gamers

07:38 | Banks debut faster payment platform: Zelle

08:01 | Emil Michael ousted from Uber | Uber’s plan to fix it’s culture as CEO draws scrutiny

15:02 | Introduction of the ‘COVFEFE Act’ (Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically For Engagement)

15:53 | London Tech Week Kicks Off

24:33 | Early market openings as Tech selloff spreads – Tech heavyweights continue to fall

31:09 | More details on Uber’s executive shifts

34:20 | London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Tech, Brexit and Trump

40:19 | British PM May and French President Macron to considering fining Tech companies in terror fight

41:27 | Leadership changes at GE

42:39 | McDonald’s to use Snapchat to hire 20,000 new employees this summer

43:02 | Amazon could sell cars in the U.K.

[Updated 7/10/17]

00:50 | Feds hikes interests rates. Impact of Fed rate hike on Tech.  The outlook for Snap. Snap nears its IPO price. Snap’s post IPO challenges. Snap’s user growth issues. Snap’s hardware strategy. Lightspeed Venture’s portfolio. Snap, Blockchain, Affirm, Stitch Fix, and Giphy. Apple’s new show Planet of the Apps.

07:01 | President Trump nominates an FCC commissioner. Jessica Rosenworcel, FCC Commissioner Nominee.

07:35 | Nintendo’s Game Announcements at E3.

08:10 | Harvard’s Drew Faust to step down.

09:16 | Top gaming developments from E3. Nintendo’s game announcements at E3. Nintendo shares surge on Switch. Nintendo’s lack of 3rd party games. Growth in mobile gaming for Nintendo. M & A opportunities for Nintendo. Nintendo’s VR strategy.

16:13 | Renewables provided a record 10% of user power in March.

16:46 | Blablacar grows ride-share program. Blablacar tackles commute. France’s tech scene. Marcon’s impact on innovation.

21:08 |  Fallout at UBER.

25:31 |  Big-Cap Tech. FaceBook, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet all down in price. What sparked the tech sell-off? Tech towering over market peers. Tech still outperforms in 2017. Tech stocks still too expensive. Future of UBER, Kalanick. TPG’s Bonderman quits UBER board.

30:46 | [UPDATE: no longer available] Apple’s Autonomous car ambitions. 

31:44 | Instagram to make clear when influencer posts are paid ads.

32:08 | Top gaming developments from E3. Zelnick on video game stocks surging. Zelnick: We expect new gen. platforms to nearly double in the next year. Zelnick on newest game consoles. Zelnick on working with other platforms. Delay of Red Dead Redemption 2. Zelnick on NBA 2K competition. Zelnick: Current consumer spending on NBA 2K is up about 70% Y0Y. Zelnick on Virtual Reality. Zelnick: I’m skeptical on VR. Many problems with current VR technology.

Host: Emily Chang

00:47 | Tech Sell Off (part 1)

10:37 | Facebook’s New Push Against Terrorism / Bitcoin Tumbles Most in More Than 2- years

12:00 | Relaunch of Bloomberg Business Week magazine including new app. (link) and front cover story on Tim Cook from Apple

16:39 | Drafkings, Fanduel Merger Could Potentially Be Blocked by FTC / Amazon Interested in Buying Slack for $9B

24:35 | Tech Sell off and Outlook for Tech (part 2)

31:25 | John Chambers, Executive Chairman at Cisco, on France and European startup scene

34:42 | Tech Jobs on the Rise in the U.K. but Hard to Find/Hire Local Talent

38:43 | Headlines: South Korea’s Netmarble Investing in Marketing Tech /  Tampa Bay Lightning Owner Jeff Vinik Bets on E-Sports

Host: Emily Chang

00:18 | Amazon swallows Whole Foods for $13.7 Billion

08:19 | Wal-Mart to buy Bonobos for $310 Million to continue battle with Amazon

10:40 | Disney Shanghai will break even

11:16 | Amazon deal with shake up retail world

16:00 | Mobike in China raises $600 Million

16:40 | Amazon’s International strategy as European grocers take market hit after news of Whole Foods deal

25:00 | Impact of Amazon/Whole Foods deal on startups