Last Week In Tech: May 1 to May 7, 2017

Bloomberg Technology News is “must watch TV” for us and many tech professionals, entrepreneurs and investors.

Like you though we find ourselves missing some shows for various reasons including: our heads are down working for our clients, we’re inundated with information daily and can get distracted or we simply can’t consistently and religiously watch this series. Also, we find it important to be able to go back in time and watch shows from days gone past too.

So, we’re introducing our Last Week In Tech series featuring Bloomberg Technology episodes that aired the previous week that are posted on YouTube (thanks Boomberg!). We’ve made a commitment to watch each show and provide you with a timeline breakdown so you can fast forward to stories and interviews that interest you the most.

We hope you get value from this new series and also encourage you to leave a comment so we can discuss what’s happening in the technology industry. Use the stories covered from last week as conversation starters.

Click on the + to view each day’s episode. Skim the show notes and fast forward through the video to the topic that most interests you.

Host: Caroline Hyde:

00:49 | Nasdaq closes at record high. Discussion with Abigal Doolittle, Bloomberg News. Tech leads stock gains. Nasdaq outperforms in 2017. | Tesla appears to be making a bullish breakout.

04:08 | Tech giants report earnings. Discussion with Michael Wolf, Activate Founder & CEO. Alphabet boosted by ad clicks. Why Amazon depends on web services. Amazon shares climb. The most valuable companies are in tech. Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft and Amazon.

08:24 | After hours trading results.

08:45 | Cisco said to buy software startup Viptela for over $600M.

09:03 | Mapping the VC funding cycle. The latest tech unicorn. Discussion with Bipul Sinha, Rubrik CEO & Co-Founder and Asheem Chandra, Greylock Partners. Rubric raises $180M. Cloud competition heats up. Rubrik at a glance. Rubrik valued at $1.3B making it the latest tech unicorn.

15:15 | Vinclu bets on intimate assistants. Discussion with Minori Takechi, Vinclu CE

17:04 | Bitcoin jumps above $1,400

17:24 | Nasdaq CEO on Public vs. Private Financing. Discussion with Adena Friedman, Nasdaq President & CEO. We want public companies to find an inviting environment. Jobs Act is a good step in the right direction. Want more disclosure about short positions in the stock.

21:33 | FCC Net Neutrality case rehearing rejected by the appeals court. Discussion with FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai and Michael Wolf, Activate Founder & CEO. FCC Chairman Pai pushing to roll back net neutrality rule. Trump forms technology council. Who will buy Tribune properties?

29:17 | The change in American employment. Discussion between Jason Kelly, Bloomberg News and Arthur Bilger, WorkingNation Founder & CEO. The impact of Technology on employment. Automation in the workforce. The future shift in employment. Evolution of American employment. Retraining the American workforce. The concept behind WorkingNation.

34:56 | ‘Out of this World segment’ SpaceX completes successful launch.

35:21 | The evolution of the Auto Sales industry. Carvana’s rocky start. Discussion with George Arison, Shift, CEO.  Shift on the competition. Shift’s place in the Auto Sales Industry. Shift’s CEO on the company’s IPO Outlook. Shift’s Investor’s – Goldman Sachs, DFJ, Highland Capital Partners

Host: Emily Chang

00:45 | Apple Reports Q2 Numbers. Apple sold 50.8M iPhones in 2Q, Est 51.4M. Discussion with Angelo Zino, CFRA Analyst and David Kirkpatrick, Techonomy CEO. Apple CFO Luca Maestri sees ‘positive signs’ in China. Apple 2Q EPS $2.10, GAAP EST $2.02. Apple boosts share buyback authorization to $210B. Maestri on tax reform impact.

07:50 | Etsy announces restructuring. AMD falls most in 12 years.

08:41 | Microsoft unveils Surface laptop. Discussion with Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft Corporate Vice President: Devices and Services. Microsoft presents laptop for $999. Microsoft’s battle for the classroom. Microsoft’s Surface laptop vs. the competition. About Microsoft’s Surface Laptop – Windows 10S, starts at $999 and ships June 15th. How Microsoft’s laptop fits into its Cloud strategy.

14:30 | Infosys to hire 10K US workers.

14:46 | Tim Cook on Apple Earnings call.

15:14 | WSJ: Kushner did not disclose a stake in real estate startup Cadre.

15:56 | Infosys to hire 10K US workers. Discussion with Cory Johnson, Bloomberg News, and David Kirkpatrick, Techonomy CEO, Bloomberg News contributor.  A look at Infosys US expansion. Top H1-B VISA Recipients and H1-B stats. How competitive is the H1-B program? H1-B VISA pay. Tech companies face tighter H1-B rules. Silicon Valley fights H1-B changes.

21:08 | Apple earnings out, Shares fall.

21:48 | Can tech stock momentum hold? Discussion with Gina Martin Adams, Bloomberg Intelligence. Apple has contributed to 16% of the gains in the Nasdaq this year.  Apple Outperforms US market. Apple 2Q Revenue $52.9B Tech earnings on tap.

24:42 | Twitter expands live streaming portfolio. Discussion with Anthony Noto, Twitter CFO & COO – Live makes us better and faster on what’s happening. Twitter’s ad growth strategy. We want to be a dependable place people will come to for sports, news & music. Not seeing revenue improve. Noto on Twitter’s user growth. We’d love it if every world leader used Twitter as their primary platform. We’re trying to make Twitter a safer place. Noto on free vs hate speech. Noto on taking CFO and COO positions. Jack in an inspiration to Noto. Noto: I never think about having dual roles.

33:26 | Tim Cook on Apple earnings call.

34:09 | Robots replacing humans. Box CEO on automation. Discussion with Aaron Levie, Box Chairman & CEO. He is personally optimistic that automation will create more jobs, industries. The rise of robots and AI. Box CEO on tech under Trump. We need STEM education job retraining programs.

39:04 | Tim Cook on wearables.

39:35 | Apple’s cash pile tops $250B. Apple reports 2Q results.

40:32 | Tech earnings on tap.  Year to date: Facebook, Tesla

Host: Emily Chang

00:52 | Facebook Reports 1Q Report, Facebook 1Q MAU $1.94B, EST $1.91B, Mobile’s Ad boost Facebook’s revenue. Discussion with Cheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO and Debra Aho Williamson, Emarketer principal analyst. Facebook’s quarterly revenue. Instagram’s user growth in Q1. Facebook’s ad-break strategy. Troubles with Facebook live.

07:10 | Apple slips on earnings. Apple’s China challenge. Michael Olson, Piper Jaffray Senior Research Analyst.

07:46 | Tesla reports 1Q results. Einhorn: Investors hypnotized by Musk. Words from David Einhorn, Greenlight Capital President, and Co-Founder. Tesla has $4B of cash on hand heading into 2Q. Discussion with Jamie Butters, Bloomberg News. Tesla’s Model 3 on track for initial production in July. Tesla’s market cap has eclipsed Ford and General Motors. Monitoring Tesla’s cash burn. Tesla rises on Model 3 anticipation.

13:59 | Zuckerberg: Facebook will hire 3,000 to review videos of crimes, suicides. Words from Cheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook.

14:55 | AT&T needs to match new $2.3B straight path bid.

15:25 | Reddit co-founder on Trump, innovation. Alex Ohanian, Reddit Co-Founder. Ohanian, we are an industry that leads the world. With net neutrality, the market should choose the winner. Hi-B issue wouldn’t affect Reddit tremendously. People have known the US is where you come to create. Reddit wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for refugees. Net neutrality is so important for an even playing field. Reddit Co-Founder on search fairness.

20:58 | Facebook CEO: Still expecting growth down ‘meaningfully’

21:32 |  Tesla’s Model 3 on track for initial production in July.

22:00 | Facebook’s take on ‘stories’

22:27 | Palihapitiya’s tech outlook. Discussion with Chamath Palihapitiya, Social Captial Founder, and CEO. Palihapitiya on the impact of Trump. Trump’s impact on VC investment. On the outlook for Uber. His advice to Uber’s Kalanick. On Uber and Airbnb. On Amazon and Facebook. His take on Apple.

29:42 | Qualcomm said to seek US import ban for iPhones.

30:31 | Facebook declines in after hours trading.

30:39 | Musk: Tesla electric truck will ‘defy expectations’

30:12 | The fate of Uber’s driverless car ambitions. Discussion with Eric Newcomer, Bloomberg Tech. Uber’s driverless car project at risk in court case. The outlook for Uber.

36:06 | After hours post earning reaction, Fitbit, Square,

36:12 | Zuckerberg: AI tech not yet able to stop violent streaming.

36:44 | New York Times reports biggest digital subscriber growth ever in first quarter.

37:07 | Square reports 1Q earnings. Discussion with Selma Wang, Bloomberg Tech. Square boosts FY adjusted Ebitda view, midpoint tops est. Square sees 2Q adj rev. $223M to $226M EST $223.9M Fitbit reports 1Q Earnings. The Outlook for Fitbit.

Host: Emily Chang

00:51 | Media Struggles: Viacom, 21st Century Fox, Comcast -CL A, Disney all fall. New challenges mount for media. Discussion with Paul Sweeny, Bloomberg Intelligence and Gerry Smith, Bloomberg News.  CBS 1Q Revenue $3.34B. Cord cutting intensifies in 1Q. Rise of the ‘skinny bundle’. Media stocks tumble on Ad concerns. New challenges mount for media.

06:54 | Facebook backs away from live sports.

07:53 | Square pops after raising outlook. Square reports 1Q earnings. Discussion with Sarah Friar, Square CFO. Square’s growth strategy. Square’s international expansion push. Risks of international expansion. Square on hurdles of international expansion. Square on appealing to big customers. The evolution of the payments landscape. Square on the future of caviar. Square on future acquisitions.

15:00 | Probe into fake news in the French election.

15:29 | Gogo reports 1Q Earnings. Gogo revenue at all time high. Can GoGo keep up with Wi-Fi demand? Discussion with Michael Small, GoGo President, and CEO. Next generation of inflight Wi-Fi. GoGo plans to add faster WiFi tech to 550 plans by the end of 2017.

21:29 | When will Softbank’s vision fund close. Softbank in the spotlight. Discussion with Steve Murray, Revolution Partner:  From Softbank to Revolution. Revolutions investment strategy. Revolution Portfolio Companies: DraftKings, Living Social, Handy, Sweetgreen. Softbank Capital after Nikesh Arora. Behind Softbank’s Investments. Masayoshi Son’s involvement in deals. Future of Draftkings, Fanduel Manager.

27:37 | Apple owns $148B in corporate bonds.

28:14 | The battle between Amazon and Walmart. Walmart since acquisition. Discussion with Brad Stone, Bloomberg Tech. Behind Walmart’s acquisition spree. Walmart’s eCommerce strategy. How Walmart’s Lore plans to battle Amazon. Can Walmart catch up to Amazon?

32:25 | Future of 3D mapping. Bloomberg Technologies, Alex Webb, reports on future of 3D mapping. The mapping wars. Mark Wheeler, DeepMap CTO

34:44 | Worldwide tablet shipments decline.

35:32 | Slack opens London hub. Slack doubles down on UK. Discussion with Stewart Butterfield, Slack CEO. Slack CEO: Going to grow in the UK. Slack CEO: Will eventually open offices in Europe, continue to expand. Slack CEO on Trump’s policies. There’s atmosphere of uncertainty. Recruiting talent hasn’t been a big problem for us yet. Slack CEO says IPO is years away. Slack CEO: the Private market is friendly.

Host: Emily Chang

00:52 | S&P 500, Nasdaq at record highs. Discussion with Abigail Doolittle, Bloomberg News. Regeneron’s best week since Nov. Tech movers: Citrix Systems, Expedia-CL A, US stocks rise for 3rd straight week. Apple’s best week since Feb.

04:35 | Measuring the health of tech. Discussion with Tomasz Tunguz, Redpoint Ventures Partner. Growth in Venture debt investment. Venture debt in startups. Public markets vs. private. The impact of automation on jobs. Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman on the Impact of Automation on Jobs. Percent of jobs at risk of automation. Automation and the future of the workforce.

11:37 | Bye Bye to big blue. Buffett cuts stake in IBM. Discussion with Cory Johnson, Bloomberg News. IBM’s stock performance since Buffett purchased the stake. Warren Buffett says he dumped a third of his IBM stock. IBM revenue growth. IBM earnings decline. Buffett’s IBM hint.

16:41 | Potential targets for Apple.

17:01 | Youtube’s free original content. Discussion with Chris Palmeri, Bloomberg News. Youtube expands into original content. Excerpt of interview with Susan Wojcicki, Youtube CEO on Youtube original content. Can Youtube keep up with the original content war?

24:29 | Tech week in review. Discussion with Eric Newcomer, Bloomberg Tech and Alistair Barr, Bloomberg Technology. Apple reports mixed 2Q results. Apple grows to world’s largest company. Facebook reports mixed 1Q results. Impact of Instagram on Facebook. Troubles with Facebook Live. What to expect from SnapChat. Snap since it’s public debut. Investigation in Uber’s Greyball tool. Uber’s driverless car ambitions at stake.

30:48 | Pai: Certain FCC headed for change or elimination. Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman, on the fate of Net Neutrality.

31:20 | Disney readies sequel to 2016 summer box-office rout.

31:47 | Fake news concerns go global. Discussion with Paul Quigley, Newswhip CEO and Sarah Frier, Bloomberg News. Public interest spikes over ‘Fake News’. Filtering out fake news. Facebook, Google tackle fake news in France amid election race. Facebook has deleted 30,000 fake accounts in France. The growth of fake news publishers.

39:22 | Funding for Biotech research. Trump’s history with the Biotech sector. Discussion with Caroline Hyde, Bloomberg News. Blurb with Drew Faust, Harvard University President.

43:05 | Boston’s tech ecosystem. Discussion with Caroline Hyde, Bloomberg News. Tech is responsible for 31% of Maryland GSP. Tech responsible for 46% of Maryland Payroll.