Last Week In Tech: Apr 3 to Apr 9, 2017

Bloomberg Technology News is “must watch TV” for us and many tech professionals, entrepreneurs and investors.

Like you though we find ourselves missing some shows for various reasons including: our heads are down working for our clients, we’re inundated with information daily and can get distracted or we simply can’t consistently and religiously watch this series. Also, we find it important to be able to go back in time and watch shows from days gone past too.

So, we’re introducing our Last Week In Tech series featuring Bloomberg Technology episodes that aired the previous week that are posted on YouTube (thanks Boomberg!). We’ve made a commitment to watch each show and provide you with a timeline breakdown so you can fast forward to stories and interviews that interest you the most.

We hope you get value from this new series and also encourage you to leave a comment so we can discuss what’s happening in the technology industry. Use the stories covered from last week as conversation starters.

Click on the + to view each day’s episode. Skim the show notes and fast forward through the video to the topic that most interests you.

Host: Caroline Hyde

00:48 | H-1B Visa Lottery Opens and Trump Administration’s New Guidelines. Discussion with Vivek Wadhwa, Carnegie Melon Silicon Valley Distinguished Fellow.

12:27  | Google Tries to End YouTube Ad Crisis.

13:21 | Tech Leaders, Academic Found Group to Fight Fake News

13:54 | Imagination Technologies Plunges After Apple Rejects Chip Deal. Discussion with Alex Webb, Bloomberg Technology.

18:16 | China to Open its First VR Theme Park.

24:23 | Tech Focused H-1B Visa Lottery Opens (part 2). Discussion with Anurag Rana, Bloomberg Intelligence.

26:38 | India to Reap Benefits of H-1B Visa Reform and India’s Tech Landscape. Discussion with Naren Gupta, Nexus Co-Founder and Managing Director

31:55 | Verizon to Debut New Unit Once Yahoo Merges with AOL.

32:54 | Tesla Beats 1Q Delivery Estimates and Promise of the Model 3. Discussion with David Welch, Bloomberg News.

38:42 | The State of Sports Betting. Discussion with Tom Russell, Genius Sports General Counsel.

Host: Caroline Hyde

00:56 | Concerns over H1B Visa, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Diamond weighing in on Highly Skilled Workers in the US in his annual letter to shareholders. Discussion with Moonweb’s Corey Johnston and Ron Hera, Associate Professor at Howard University on how the change to the H1B Visa might benefit US Tech Giants.

08:18 | JP Morgan spent 9.5B on tech last year. Discussion with Bloomberg News Laura Keller, mostly including Fintech Initiatives.

11:02 | When is the best time to fundraise? | Goodwater Sentiment Index. Discussion with Chi Wa Chen, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Goodwater Capital.

17:07 | Seattle Judge has blocked Uber’s Union law.

17:37 | US Trading discussion with Abigal Doolittle, Bloomberg News.

24:30 | Shares of Indian outsourcing firms using H1B Visa have taken a hit.

25:02 | US Tech giants still eager to enter Indian market discussion with Brian Neider, partner at Lead Edge Capital.

31:52 | Verizon to debut new Unit, Oath, once Yahoo merges with AOL, discussion with Tim Armstrong CEO AOL and Bloomberg Daybreak America.

34:29 | Trump has rescinded a rule that requires your internet service provider to ask permission before using their web browser history for marketing. Discussion with Tim Berners Lee, Founder of the World Wide Web.

39:35 | Daimler, parent company of Mercedes, and Bosch teaming up to put driverless taxis on US and German roads in 6 years.

40:01 | Cash Crunch at Chinese Tech Giant LeEco Discussion with Selena Wang.

Host: Caroline Hyde

00:50 | Amazon Pays $50M to Show NFL Games. Discussion with Gerry Smith, Bloomberg News & Keith Clinkscales, Shadow League Digital CEO.

07:32 | Citron Goes Short on Fleetcor.

08:23 | Peloton Raising Cash for Truck Tech.

08:52 | Intel Security Spins Off McAfee. Discussion with Jason Kelly, Bloomberg News & Bryan Taylor, TPG Partner.

11:49 | Outlook for Tech Private Equity Deals. Discussion with Jason Kelly, Bloomberg News & Bryan Taylor, TPG.

15:53 | Germany Threatens Social Media Over Fake News.

16:21 | Previewing Trump’s Meeting With XI and Impact on Tech Companies. Discussion with Selina Wany, Bloomberg Technology.

26:10 | McAfee a Standalone Company Once Again. Discussion with Chris Young, McAfee CEO.

32:17 | Waymo (Google) Accuses Uber of Stonewalling.

33:20 | Facebook Adds Wifi Hotspots in Africa.

33:29 | Africa’s Tech Landscape. Discussion with Toby Shapshak, Stuff South Africa Editor-in-Chief & Publisher.

39:53 | The D10 Competition Combines Tech & Fitness. Discussion with David Maloney, The D10 Executive Director and Founder & Jason Kelly, Bloomberg News.

Host: Caroline Hyde

00:50 | U.S., China Summit Kicks Off. Discussion with Ramy Inocencio, Bloomberg News.

05:43 | Future of U.S., China Relations. Discussion with Lindsey Ford, ASIA Policy Institute For Security Programs.

11:27 | Twitter cofounder Evan Williams, Medium CEO & Twitter Co-Founder, Selling Twitter Stock.

11:52 | Hyperloop One CEO’s U.S. Ambitions | Hyperloop One Eyes U.S. Locations | Next Steps For Hyperloop One . Discussion with Rob Lloyd, Hyperloop One CEO and Former Cisco Co-President.

18:09 | How Hyperloop One Is Funded. Discussion with Shervin Pishevar, Hyperloop One Executive Chairman; Sherpa Capital Managing Director.

19:50 | The Growth of Mercadolibre and Competing with Amazon. Discussion with Marcos Galperin, Mercadolibre CEO.

24:25 | U.S, China Summit Kicks Off (part 2) | Look at Asia Tech Stocks. Discussion with Abigail Doolittle, Bloomberg News.

28:42 | Tech Players Watch Trump-XI Meeting | H1-B Visas and Chinese Investment in U.S. startups | Tech’s Reliance on U.S., China Trade | Where Is Xiaomi Heading? . Discussion with Hans Tung, GGV Managing Partner.

33:54 | Intel CEO Pay Raises to $19.1M.

34:46 | Cruchbase’s $18M Funding Round | State Of The Venture Capital Environment. Discussion with Jager McConnel, Crunchbase CEO.

39:11 | Tableau Unveils New Subscription Pricing Model | Tableau On The Importance On Machine Learning. Discussion with Adam Selipsky, Tableau CEO.

Host: Caroline Hyde

01:09 | Google’s Response to Ad Exodus. Discussion with Jitenra Waral, Bloomberg Intelligence & Bob O’Donnell, Technalysis Research President.

07:00 | Taskrabbit Exploring a Sale.

07:40 | FCC’s Pai Said to be Readying Plan to Gut Net Neutrality Rules.

08:14 | 23andMe Wins FDA Approval to Sell Genetic Tests. Discussion with Ann Wojcicki, Cofounder & CEO of 23andMe.

15:24 | Samsung Posts Best Profit Since 2013. Discussion with Tory Stangarone, Korea Economic Institute Senior Director & Bob O’Donnell, Technalysis Research President.

21:37 | Tech Companies Face Tighter H-1B Rules. Discussion with Tom Giles and Eric Newcomer, Bloomberg Technology.

23:09 | Verizon Introduces New Unit Oath Once Yahoo Merges with AOL. Discussion with Tom Giles and Eric Newcomer, Bloomberg Technology.

25:29 | Waymo’s (Google) Lawsuit Against Uber. Discussion with Tom Giles and Eric Newcomer, Bloomberg Technology.

26:21 | U.S. Drops Effort to Unmask Trump Critic. Discussion with Sarah Frier, Bloomberg Technology & Bob O’Donnell, Technalysis Research President.

29:17 | Okta’s Public Market Debut.

30:01 | Pandora Said to Seek Help from Labels.

30:35 | Spotify’s Plan for a Non-IPO Exit and Will Uber Follow Suite? Discussion with Nimay Mehta, Lead Edge Capital & Bob O’Donnell, Technalysis Research President.

36:44 | Amazon Business vs. Industrial Suppliers. Discussion with Alex Moazed, Applico CEO.