LWIT: Week of Sep 4, 2017

Dell, Facebook, Google, Pokemon GO, Intel, Amazon and Apple headlined

Welcome to Mi6 Agency’s Last Week in Tech Blog Series for the week of Sep 4, 2017

Last week  in tech for Sep 4/17 includes an interview with Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell. A year ago, Dell purchased EMC for $67 Billion [See: TechCrunch coverage (Sep 7/16)] which closed about a year ago. This purchase was quite complex and according to Andreessen Horowitz was the first big, over $50 billion transformative deal that they believe points the way to the future of many large public incumbent technology companies [See: Making Sense of Dell + EMC + VMware (Oct 25/15)].

During Emily Chang’s interview with Michael they talk about what the first year has been like and the most interesting part of the interview are the four key transformations that companies are facing simultaneously. These transformations, in my view, are what is driving Dell Technologies business model when it comes to how they create, deliver and capture value. They are: 1) Digital Transformation; 2) IT Transformation; 3) Workforce Transformation, and 4) Security.

In other news the U.S. technology continues to be at odds with Trump but I would ask who isn’t at odds with him! Legislation is being planned to speed up introduction of self-driving cars and a follow on conversation with Michael Dell on Dell’s M&A strategy. Enjoy!

00:58 | It’s been a year since Dell and EMC merged. interview with Michael Dell and the one-year report card.

06:33 | Amazon planning to build their first fulfillment centre in NY, on Staten Island, 2200 jobs will be created. Also searching for a second in North America

07:42 | Facebook investigating possible connections between ads purchased on Excite with Russian ties to influencing the US election

10:20 | Facebook offering hundreds of millions to major record labels and publishers for music rights.

16:35 | Intel wins a partial victory in 8 year battle with EU over a $1.26B regulatory fine.

17:54 | Google looking to resurrect Android One smartphone program in India

18:22 | GoPro and it’s efforts turn things around.

24:18 | Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has been officially canceled by Trump’s Administration. Reaction in the tech industry is largely negative.

32:27 | Interview with Turo CEO Andre Haddad with a  discussion about DACA and the future of Turo, a car-sharing venture.

39:02 | US Lawmakers pass a bill to speed up the introduction of self-driving cars.

40:09 | Foxconn teaming up with Apple to try to buy Toshiba’s memory chip division.

40:40 | Dell Technologies M&A Strategy and more discussion with Michael Dell.  

45:47 | More than a year after Pokemon Go launch we have an interview with Pokemon CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara.

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