Mark Cuban and Reid Hoffman on Fake Ads, Bitcoin , AI and Uber

Social Sites Can't Allow Fake Ads & AI Ain't So Bad

Welcome to Mi6 Agency’s Last Week in Tech Blog Series for the week of Oct 2, 2017

Last week’s tech headlines from Bloomberg Technology included interviews with Mark Cuban and Reid Hoffman on fake ads, bitcoin, AI and Uber.

  • Mark says that Facebook, Twitter and Google need to be held to the same advertising standards that traditional broadcasters and publications are. They shouldn’t allow fake ads to be posted on their platform.
  • Cuban is investing in BitCoin and some token sale ICOs. He equates the value of these as providing you the ability to buy and sell something. But, Bitcoin’s value is a just a function of supply and demand and according to Cuban “it really doesn’t do anything else”. There’s no intrinsic value [defn] other than being able to buy and sell the cryptocurrency. But, he’s more bullish Blockchain, the underlying technology of Bitcoin. He believes that it is a good technology for future applications and it will create some great companies.

Reid Hoffman covers the risks of AI and the role the algorithm plays in our daily lives.

  • How are they influencing our lives now – fake ads and credit scores and in the future – what jobs will they replace and what new ones will be created?
  • Finally, Reid is asked to comment on the toxic culture issues [read about it] at Uber and other companies.

00:43 | At Vanity Fair Summit in LA

00:59 | Interview with Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks Owner, ASX TV CEO, re Trump, Protests in NFL, Being a Patriotic American, Why bought Shares in Twitter, Tribalism, Bitcoin

07:55 | Interview with Bob Iger, Disney CEO, slow growth on ESPN, on purchasing BamTech instead of Twitter

10:49 | Interview with Mark Hurd, Oracle CEO, Oracle is taking on Amazon with autonomous database, talking about growth rates on cloud revenue, repatriation tax

16:53 | Interview with Walter Isaacson, CEO of Aspen Institute, Current situation of tech giants Facebook, Amazon, Google : the sway of the media

24:23 | Interview Reid Hoffman, Linkedin Founder and Partner at Greylock, talking about current debate of future of AI, do benefits outweigh dangers and sexual harassment in Silicon Valley

31:49 | Interview with Bob Iger, Disney CEO, Star War’s success and movies as franchises

34:01 | Interview with David Zaslav, CEO of Discovery Communications, how the 30 year old company is changing to stay with the times, largest media IP company in the world, talks about acquisitions current and perhaps future

42:00 | Interview with Graydon Carter, Editor of Vanity Fair, why stepping down after 25 years, fake news problem and the future of the magazine business

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