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A Framework and Approach That Creates Value

All B2B organizations need to establish awareness, uniquely position themselves and provide compelling and authentic reasons for people to buy their products, solutions and services.  You need to build a community around your brand and offerings and effectively exchange value – culturally, socially and economically – to develop and maintain long-term customer relationships.

An Mi6 Value Exchange Network (VEN) is a carefully curated and cultivated community of prospects, customers, partners, vendors, influencers and subject matter experts who exchange knowledge, identify needs and contribute to solutions for your brand, service or product.

Mi6 VEN’s leverage our proven B2B Marketing Integration Framework (MI Framework), which aside from being a mouthful, is part of our “secret sauce”. This framework is used to set direction, establish priorities and align strategy with tactics in order to establish brand preference, create sustainable networks and generate business results for your organization.

The Mi6 Agency B2B Marketing Integration Framework (Creative Commons 3.0 License Deed)


The Mi6 Value Exchange Philosophy

Value can be exchanged in many ways.  An Mi6 VEN focuses on exchanges of value in four key areas:


  • A valuable commodity to most, the willingness of an individual to offer their time to consume your content, make an introduction,  or share their experience is important.
  • Providing something in return – exceptional and relevant content, network access, or additional expertise – is equally important.


  • You’ve heard it before – people buy from people.  Creating connections to build relationships, gain resources and invite referrals provides social value.
  • Providing focused options for interaction, both online and offline,  solidifies social connections and leads to further value exchanges.


  • Experience and subject matter expertise, especially in areas of emerging and disruptive technologies, is paramount to establishing the presence of a solution and a brand.
  • Cultural exchanges occur when knowledge is combined and shared across a network of professionals focused on a specific problem or solution.


  • Where the buck stops.  Income, assets and equity are at the heart of economic value determinations, but too often are the sole goal of an organization.
  • Commercial relationships occur most often and most successfully when all value exchange levels are optimized – time sharing, social sharing, and cultural sharing.

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