What We Offer

Mi6 programs create relationships, build reputations & generate revenue. We’re serious!

A Vision That Drives Us and Our Passion

Mi6 Agency delivers custom programs for B2B companies. These programs focus on two key things: output and outcomes. These are delivered through the development of: 1) content and channels, 2) solutions and partners, 3) networks and customers, and 4) communities and markets.

What drives us is our vision:

  • To build an innovative business model that leverages our talents, networks and independent businesses
  • To enable us to have choice, enjoy working together and earn a good living
  • To be the best B2B marketing and technology leaders on the planet
  • To build economic value for ourselves, our families and our clients
  • To have long lasting relationships and friendships with each other and our clients
  • To help people when in need and to help them be successful
  • To realize and acknowledge that we’re not perfect but do our very best at all time.

“A Vision starts with the founder but is shaped by and with the people in his or her business and life” – Chris Herbert.

Mi6 programs create relationships, build reputations & generate revenue. We’re serious!

A Framework and Approach That Focuses on Three Outcomes

All B2B organizations need to establish awareness, uniquely position themselves and provide compelling and authentic reasons for people to buy their products, solutions and services.

The mi6 B2B Marketing Integration Framework (MI Framework), aside from being a mouthful, is part of our “secret sauce”. This framework is used to set direction, establish priorities and align strategy with tactics. The outcome is to establish brand preference and generate business results for your organization.

The Mi6 Agency B2B Marketing Integration Framework (Creative Commons 3.0 License Deed)


The Mi6 Service Line

Mi6 is a business to business marketing agency providing consulting and implementation services in the areas of branding, demand generation, business and product development.

The Mi6 service line is constantly under development and (r)evolves around the needs of our clients and the MI Framework. There are three engagement scenarios:

Marketing Planning

  • Branding and positioning strategy
  • Service, solution and channel development strategy
  • Go to market plans

Marketing Execution

  • Content strategy, production and management
  • Communications, public relations and social media
  • Demand generation and lead nurturing
  • Sales enablement

Marketing Education

  • Workshops
  • Interactive Learning Environments
  • Emerging trends
  • Speaking engagements
  • Research