The Role of Government and the Future of Work

Private and Public Sector Need to Work Together

Welcome to Mi6 Agency’s Last Week in Tech Blog Series for the week of July 17, 2017

Last week’s tech headlines from Bloomberg Technology included an interview on the future of work with Penny Pritzker. Ms. Pritzker is the former United States Secretary of Commerce, under the Obama administration, and founder and Chairman of PSP Capital Partners. In her interview at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech Conference, she spoke about the Trump administrations approach to trade as well as the future of work and how the private and public sector need to work together.

In other news Netflix reported a surge in subscribers, another CEO stresses the importance of government and private sector working together on cybersecurity, what’s next for Uber and Instagram’s advertising strategy…and more.

00:54 Netflix Adds 5.2 million streaming customers in 2Q | Big portion of subs came from outside of the U.S. | Total subs 104M; they have more international subs than domestic | Canada and U.S. are profitable

06:24 The State of Cyber-security | Interview with Ironnet Cybersecurity, CEO Gen. Keith Alexander | Creating a national cyber defensive architecture |Industry and government need to work together to prevent election hacks

12:39 Facebook’s WhatsApp Partially Blocked in Mainland China

13:13 Penny Pritzer on the Role of Government and the Future of Work | Private industry and government need to work together to skill workers for jobs of the future| Current “protective” U.S. trade policy will make U.S. less competitor | Tax reform, digital and physical investment is important to ensure economic growth; saftey net needs to be in place

17:17 U.K. Delays Fox-Sky Decision

18:00 Growing Uber for Business | What is “Uber for Business?”; $250B market opp | Uber since Kalankick’s departure | Facebook’s vs. Uber’s culture | Uber’s CEO search

24:16 Surveymonkey Overhauls Platform | Interview with CEO Zander Lurie | “Curious is the new currency” | Surveymonkey’s IPO plans

30:20 Hampton Creek’s Entire Board is Said to Leave Except CEO

31:14 Priceline’s Strategy for Continued Growth | Interview with CEO Glenn Fogel | Priceline’s partnership with Google | Growth plans and competition

37:09 Competition in Food Tech | Iterview with Opentable CEO, Christ Quarles | Opentable’s strategy and opportunities for growth | Logistics is not a viable market adjacency; becoming the operationg system for a restaurant is a possibility

40:00 Softbank Leads $200M Funding Round in Plenty

40:46 Amazon Launches Amazon Spark

41:11 Instagram’s Ad Strategy | Interview with COO Marne Levine | 1 in 5 mobile minutes are spent on Facebook, Instagram combined | 250M users using Instagram Stories | People want to hear from businesses on Instagram

43:47 Impact of Streaming Services on AMC | Interview with Charlie Collier | Importance of original talent for AMC; finding the “next hit” | Impact of Cable and Cord cutting

Chris HerbertChris Herbert is the founder of Mi6. Mi6 is a B2B (Business to Business) marketing and business development agency dedicated to helping companies build their brands and develop commercial relationships. He is the founder of ProductCamp Toronto and the Hi-tech community Silicon Halton. He tweets under the handle @B2Bspecialist.