Seattle tech leaders discuss the cloud and AI

Alexa will be everywhere and the cloud is just at the beginning stages

Welcome to Mi6 Agency’s Last Week in Tech Blog Series for the week of Oct 9, 2017

Last week’s tech headlines from Bloomberg Technology included interviews with key people from Amazon, Microsoft and Baidu. Elon Musk was in the news as well, indirectly, with the addition of Richard Branson to Hyperloop One’s Board.

Some key things that caught our attention:

  • Amazon: wil partner with Google and Microsoft to make Alexa “more human like”; still at the early stages of AI; Alexa beyond the home; AWS says the shift to cloud is “just beginning”
  • Microsoft: will provide legal support to employees affected by DACA; Seatle is the “cloud capital of the world” and coopetition/competition; progressive tax reform; fake vs. authenticated news; Azure vs. AWS; future of AI
  • Baidu: expanding in U.S. with focus on AI; health of Chinese economy

01:02 | At Geek Wire Summit in Seattle

01:15 | Interview with Amazon VP of Alexa and Eco Devices, Toni Reed re: Partnerships with rivals if it makes their products better, The rise of AI and how it will improve

06:09 | Interview with Amazon Web Services CEO, Andy Jassy re: how Amazon is surprised at the rapid growth and adoption of their AWS, many successful startups are built on the backbone of AWS, Airbnb, Slack, Pinterest, Robinhood

10:33 | Qualcomm record fine in Taiwan $50M

10:55 | Interview with President Brad Smith re: Microsoft’s impact on Seattle, Also Microsoft’s reaction to Trump’s stance on things like immigration and DACA, Tech interference in Election results, Tech regulations in EU and US

21:20 | Interview with President of Baidu, Ya-Qin Zhang, re: Chinese censorship, Trump’s policies, just opened new US headquarters in Seattle, Chinese economy and the pile of debt

24:20 | Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO speaks about how Russian actors purchased ad space on Facebook to influence 2016 Election results and how Facebook is giving evidence freely

25:12 |  Interview with Steve Ballmer, Owner of LA Clippers re: Government database USA Facts, Fake News, DACA, Nadella’s leadership, Future of AI

36:40 | Richard Branson joins Hyperloop One Board

37:25 | Apple CEO Tim Cook meets with France’s President Macron in Paris

38:00 |  Interview with Starbucks CEO, Kevin Johnson, re: Taking over Starbucks, tech industry and coffee industry how they are the same. Assessing Starbucks’ benefits programs

43:54 | Amazon’s search for new headquarters Interview with Jay Inslee, Governor of Washington State, strategy for Washington State’s tech company’s continued growth.

Chris HerbertChris Herbert is the founder of Mi6. Mi6 is a B2B (Business to Business) marketing and business development agency dedicated to helping companies build their brands and develop commercial relationships. He is the founder of ProductCamp Toronto and the Hi-tech community Silicon Halton. He tweets under the handle @B2Bspecialist.