Social CRM for Small Business

An Interview with Jon Ferrara, Nimble Founder

UPDATE: Nov 16/19 | This post is under content review as part of an annual site review and audit

In this episode of the the B2BSpecialists podcast I interview Jon Ferrara, founder and CEO of Nimble. I wanted to learn more about Jon, why he founded Nimble and his vision for the product.

Personally, I would describe Nimble as a social switchboard that helps you create and develop relationships with customers and prospects. It’s the next generation customer relationship management system, or social CRM, if you will.

The image below shows you Jon’s Nimble profile which shows the different ways I can communicate with him. Jon is on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and he uses email.

Nimble also allows me to choose what platform I want to send a message to Jon. On the right hand side I can also see what Jon is saying and sharing publically through various channel.

Disclosure: Mi6 is a Nimble partner and using it since it was in private beta. If you are interested in learning how to use Nimble to socially engage and build your business network contact us. Register to try Nimble here and read more about Nimble.

Listen to my interview with Jon to learn more about who he is, why he started Nimble and what it does.

Enjoy the Interview!

00:45 Jon talks about his background and why he founded Goldmine 20 years ago and in part the CRM market.

02:30 I ask Jon why he got back into the “CRM” market. The bottom line was he had to. People were now using more and newer ways to engage and communicate but no platform existed that could manage this new reality.

04:30 We talk about what Nimble does and how it’s positioned as a social relationship platform. A tool that helps people manage their relationships with people and integrates social streams and profiles into the individuals contact record. It gets interesting because he talks about how you can now use social media to find things in common with the people we are developing relationships with.

07:50 Jon believes that many people “don’t get social”….yet. I love the Twitter comment (I’m proud to be a propeller head)! Social is changing the way people work and play.

08:30 We talk about what Nimble is ideal for, how much it costs and what you can do with it today. They will have an API in order for people to develop tools and widgets that integrate with Nimble. Enhanced versions will allow for lead capture, nurturing, sales forecasting and pipeline management. The vision is for Nimble to provide small businesses with customer relationship management tools that up till now have only been available to larger companies.

12:00 I share with Jon what my experience using Nimble has been like since I started using it. We then confirm that what I’ve been using is available today and that it is free. Jon tells us about the Nimble team version and the costs per user.

14:22 We chat about security of data and support that is available to Nimble users. Nimble is using the Amazon cloud and ensures data is secure and encrypted.

16:20 Jon talks about the role partners, like Mi6 (that’s us!), can play in helping companies adopt and use Nimble to be successful. He also envisions the Nimble community forum becoming a resource for other Nimble users and partners to help each other out. I love it!

21:00 We chat about how some people are using Nimble today and where they are getting value from using it. Nimble also wants to know about the things that aren’t working and need to be improved. Nimble customers love the ability to surf their social relationships to see the interconnections, to have a 360 degree view that they never imagined and it’s changin the way they work.

24:20 I talk about how Nimble helps me discover social connections and re-discover conversations that I’ve had with people.

25:30 Jon confirms that Nimble is available to anyone that registers for the open beta. You can go directly to their website or through the Mi6 partner page here. It should take 24 hours for you to get your registration key. If it takes longer connect with me and I’ll give them a nudge.

27:00 The interview wraps up with Jon describing what he hopes Nimble can do for you and leaves us with a famous quote from Mae West.