Mi6 Roundup: The Customer Experience, Shady Data Havens and Collective Creativity

For sales and marketing professionals we cover the customer experience. For tech professionals we share a documentary on “Shady Data Havens” and Canadian tech clusters. Finally, for CXOs we’ve featured articles on “Collective Creativity” and advice on how to succeed in the “Digital Economy&#8221 … more

Mi6 Roundup: Influencer Marketing, Canada Doesn’t Get Innovation and Issues Facing CMOs

This Mi6 Round Up covers influencer marketing, whether Canadian governments get innovation and startups (nope) and key challenges facing Chief Marketing and Chief Information Security Officers … more

Mi6 Roundup: LinkedIn’s Disconnect, Budgets, IoT and Innovation

This Mi6 Round Up asks if there is a disconnect with LinkedIn management and their members and answers the question “how much should I spend on marketing and sales” and more … more

What is Disruptive Innovation? Where’s It Happening Now?

Learn about “Disruptive Innovation” and the industries where it’s happening. This post is updated regularly … more

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