What We Offer

It all begins with a marketing framework. Mi6 is a B2B marketing, business and network development agency that develops & implements marketing programs that connect, convert and create new customers & keep existing ones.

A Marketing Framework and Approach That Creates, Delivers and Captures Value

All business professionals and organizations need to establish awareness, uniquely position themselves and provide compelling and authentic reasons for people to buy their products, solutions and services.

Mi6 Agency helps your company create new customers and keep existing ones. We use the Mi6 Framework ℠ to design, implement and measure an objectives based marketing program. This objective based program helps business owners, CMOs and marketing leaders leverage digital marketing channels, technologies and data focused on results.

We put in place a foundation for/with you to digitally market your business.

The Mi6 Framework

This core framework is used to set direction, establish priorities and align marketing strategy with tactics in order to establish brand preference, create sustainable networks and generate business results for your organization. It is the structure used to implement a B2B marketing integration system for clients and ourselves

It’s also what the number 6 refers to in our company name.

Mi6 Framework

Key Components

Mi6 Framework: is the structure used to implement Mi6’s B2B marketing integration system for clients and ourselves. There are 6 components which are:

  • Value Exchange Network (VEN): marketing intelligence, key contacts and companies critical to the success of our client
  • Content: educational, informational and influential based designed for key personas at each stage of the buyer’s journey
  • Customers: the key contacts at companies that we and our client need to create and deliver value for and for us and our client to capture value from
  • Frameworks, Methodologies and Principles: additional structures, best practice processes, workflows and decision making reference guides that improve and accelerate our competency in creating, delivering and capturing value and building trust for our clients and Mi6 Agency, Inc.
  • Technologies & Tools: used to implement the Mi6 B2B Marketing Integration System for our clients and ourselves
  • Custom Program: what we offer and deliver to our clients and for ourselves based on the objectives and goals of the business. It’s the strategy, activities, outputs and outcomes that deliver on our value proposition promise

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