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Driving Entrepreneurial & Small Business Success

We work with entrepreneurs to build, grow and scale their businesses.

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The Risk & Reward of the Entrepreneurial Journey
The Journey

The Journey

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There is too much to do, not enough time to do it and a lack of qualified resources to help you get it done.

In today's entrepreneurial landscape, the most pressing challenge faced by business owners is not just creating and retaining customers, but doing so in a way that maximizes revenue and profit amidst a myriad of competing priorities and limited resources.

Mi6 offers tailored marketing, technology, sales, and business development solutions that turn challenges into growth opportunities, helping businesses attract customers, increase profits, and achieve sustainable success.

Why Mi6?

Over 25 years of experience working with entrepreneurs, small businesses and marketing professionals in helping them start, grow, scale & exit.

Local Peers & Experts

Engage directly with local highly competent experienced entrepreneurs, marketing, sales and technology professionals.

Save Time, Make Time

Free up your time to do what you want and need to do on your business instead of what you have to do.

Success Frameworks

Improve chances of success by implementing guides, best practices and established methods to market and grow your business.

Marketing Services and Solutions for Entrepreneurs
& Small Business
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Mike Branch, GEOTAB

“Chris is a passionate tech advocate, fostering community growth & innovation. A skilled networker, his small business marketing expertise is exceptional. "

Warren Ross, Cisco

"Chris, an organized marketing pro, crafts strategies aligned with business goals, orchestrating precise execution, on-time campaigns, and filling the sales pipeline."

John Riley, opvia

“Chris, a motivated individual, seamlessly combines business, sales, marketing, and technology to achieve remarkable success in innovative marketing initiatives.”
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