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The Mi6 Marketing Integration Framework

Over 30 years of experimentation and implementation!

About Mi6

Over 35 years of combined design & content experience

Marketing Integration Framework

Marketing Framework

This core framework is used to discuss and set direction, establish priorities and align marketing and stakeholder development strategy. This drives the development, implementation, management and measurement of the strategies and tactics being used to establish brand preference, develop and induce value exchanges that generate business outcomes. It is the structural model we use to implement a Marketing Integration Program for a project, organization or venture.

What the "6" means in Mi6

Strategically the Mi6 framework is designed to help you define and market your business model and value proposition. Tactically, it sets priorities on what time, effort and resources should be used to create outputs that will generate business outcomes.


The 6 components of the framework are:

  • Marketing Integration Program: an integrated marketing program focused on creating, delivering and capturing value for a project, organization or venture.

  • Value Exchange: business model, value proposition, outputs and outcomes in the creation, delivery and capture of economic, social and cultural value for you, your organization and your stakeholders

    • Business Model: how your project, organization or venture creates, delivers and captures value.

    • Value Proposition: what your project, organization or venture offers and delivers that solves your stakeholders problems and satisfies their needs.

    • Outputs: Key actions and activities being implemented in order to achieve outcomes.

    • Outcomes: Goals and key performance metrics integral to the success of your project, organization or venture.

  • Search Engine Optimized Website & Content: your core electronic hub that demonstrates your subject matter expertise, promotes and proves the value you offer and deliver and generates new customers and retains existing ones

  • Stakeholders & Channels:  contacts, networks and communities of people and organizations that matter to your organization and the ways to reach, engage and convert them

  • Frameworks, Methodologies and Principles: structural models, best practice processes, workflows and decision making reference guides that improve and accelerate value exchange in creating  and building trust.

  • Marketing System: the technologies, tools and technical ingredients that help your organization promote, prove and produce value driven results

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