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Expertise Meets Execution

  • Description: Three-month marketing program designed to bring immediate value to entrepreneurs and their ventures by focusing on a key short-term goal. Gain one-on-one access to a marketing expert for personalized guidance, advice, and strategic execution.

  • Includes: Expert guidance and insights; strategic and tactical execution, focus on immediate short term goals.

  • Key Activities: Defining short term goals, working sessions with marketing expert, tactical planning and execution and regular reviews and updates.

  • Pricing: $2500

Solution Overview

With Mi6's Bootstrap solution, we address your urgent marketing challenges head-on, providing a focused approach to achieve your short-term goals. Whether it's revamping your website, designing a business model, or enhancing content and SEO, we are here to guide you every step of the way.



Expert Guidance: Access to a competent marketing expert for personalized advice and insights.


Cost-Effective: Achieve your marketing goals at a fixed cost, without any hidden charges.


Focused Strategy: A three-month program dedicated to addressing your most pressing marketing challenges.


Proven Solutions: Leveraging strategies that have successfully tackled challenges in various domains including content strategy, go to market planning and business model design.


Key Activities


Goal Definition: Working closely with you to identify and focus on a pressing marketing goal.


Expert Consultations: Regular one-on-one sessions with a marketing expert to guide your strategy.


Strategic Execution: Tactical planning and execution to achieve your short-term marketing goals.


Review and Feedback: Regular reviews to understand the impact of the activities and iterate for better results.



A fixed cost of $2500 ensures transparency and avoids any hidden charges, providing a clear budget for your marketing strategy over three months.


Book a complimentary consultation for free advice, to discuss options to engage and anything in between!  

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