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Outsource marketing tasks.

Out Tasking

  • Description: Let us handle your non-core marketing tasks, allowing you to zero in on your core business operations.

  • Includes: Expert execution, optimal resource allocation, efficiency, results-focused.

  • Key Activities: Content optimization, campaign execution, event coordination, website management and more

  • Pricing: Starts at $625

Service Overview

Outsource your specialized marketing tasks with confidence to Mi6's Contracting Services. By focusing solely on your core business, you'll achieve optimal efficiency and results, leaving the marketing intricacies to our skilled specialists.



Expert Execution: Each task is handled by professionals skilled in that particular domain.


Resource Optimization: Direct your in-house team's energy where it's needed most, while we handle the rest.


Efficient Task Management: From SEO to website maintenance, we ensure every detail is covered.


Outcome-Focused: Our Mi6 Framework drives all activities, ensuring that all outputs are directed towards achieving tangible business outcomes.


Potential Key Activities


Content Publishing and Optimization: Leverage our expertise to produce and optimize content that captivates and converts.


Campaign Execution: From planning to post-campaign analysis, we've got you covered.


Event Coordination: Successful events, both online and offline, planned and executed to perfection.


Website Management: Ensure your digital front door is always welcoming with timely updates, maintenance, and performance monitoring.



Starts at $625. Flexible options available, from hourly rates to bulk hours. Purchase Marketing Services Units (MSUs) in pre-defined blocks, ensuring value for money.


Book a complimentary consultation for free advice, to discuss options to engage and anything in between!  

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