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Grey Bruce Venture Spotlight: Campoody Technologies

Campoody Technologies

In an era where digital transformation is paramount, beauty and personal care professionals are on a constant lookout for tools that not only enhance operational efficiency but also elevate client satisfaction. 

Amidst their search lies a groundbreaking solution. Developed by Campoody Technologies, a company at the forefront of innovative digital solutions, StyleROLO is a custom-built Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool tailored specifically for the beauty industry. 

This blog post will explore the origins, features, and the game-changing potential of StyleROLO, designed to empower hairstylists, makeup artists, nail technicians, and more, bringing a new level of sophistication to their client management systems.

Campoody Technologies Launches StyleROLO

Learn more about StyleROLO from founder Janice Campbell on "It's Happening Here with Tiffany and Savannah. Thanks to the Owen Sound and District Chamber of Commerce and Rogers TV for producing this series. The interview comes after a brief ad promoting Rogers TV.

The video covers the following:

Introduction to StyleROLO

  • StyleROLO is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool designed by Janice Campbell specifically for beauty professionals. Born from a sudden inspiration, the app has recently completed development and is aimed at enhancing the operational efficiency of beauty experts.

Target Audience and Utility

  • The CRM is tailored for hairstylists, makeup artists, nail technicians, and other beauty experts. It facilitates the management of client information, service tracking, appointment scheduling, and integrates with social media. This makes it invaluable for professionals working in salons or independently, including those who offer mobile services.

Features and Functionality

  • Client Management: Professionals can store detailed client profiles, including service history and photos related to each service.

  • Appointment Scheduling: The app allows for the easy scheduling of appointments and sending reminders to clients, ensuring smooth operation.

  • Social Media Integration: Direct sharing to social media platforms is supported, allowing professionals to showcase their work effortlessly.

  • Personalized Notes: Beauty experts can note down specific products or techniques used for each client, aiding in personalized service delivery.

  • Subscription Model: StyleROLO operates on a subscription basis, offering a 14-day free trial to attract new users. The pricing model is designed to be affordable, with monthly and annual subscription options.

Development Insights and Future Plans

  • Janice discusses the development journey of StyleROLO, highlighting its completion and the positive reception it has received from the beauty community. Additionally, future plans include expanding the concept to cater to other industries, such as pet grooming, with a version named Puppy Rolo slated for release.

Accessibility and Adoption

  • Emphasized as a web-based platform, StyleROLO is accessible from any device, making it convenient for professionals regardless of their preferred technology. The app aims to eliminate the need for physical records and streamline the management of client relationships, improving both efficiency and client satisfaction.


  • StyleROLO is presented as an innovative solution to the administrative challenges faced by beauty professionals. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly design, it promises to revolutionize how beauty experts manage their client relationships and business operations, aligning with the evolving digital landscape of the beauty industry.

Expansion into Pet Care: The Advent of PuppyROLO

Campoody Technologies’ commitment to revolutionizing service industries doesn’t end with human beauty and care. Recognizing the parallel needs in the pet grooming sector, they are set to launch PuppyROLO. This new CRM is meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of pet groomers, mirroring the success and functionality of StyleROLO but with features and specifications tailored for the furry clientele.

PuppyROLO signifies Campoody Technologies' versatile approach to CRM solutions, extending their innovative touch beyond human care to pet care, thus broadening the horizons for professional groomers seeking to enhance their service delivery and client interaction.

About the Grey Bruce Venture Spotlight Series

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Calling Innovators in the Grey Bruce Area

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