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Leveraging Thought Leadership to Drive B2B Success in 2024


B2B Thought Leadership


Welcome to our 2024 B2B Marketing Series. We want this series and our CustomGPT (see link to it and screenshot below) to help B2B entrepreneurs and companies navigate through 2024.

This next post focuses on leveraging thought leadership to drive demand, influence sales, and protect customer relationships. Thought leadership, backed by strong research and actionable insights, is crucial for B2B marketers in today's landscape.

We used our B2B AI Marketing Analyst Tool to write this post (with a human!). If you want to try it yourself you have the paid ChatGPT plan. If you'd like a demo contact us or book a virtual session.

Quick Reference Guide: Thought Leadership Best Practices




Stimulate Demand

Publish insightful content

Base on robust research, highlight unique solutions to industry challenges

Influence Sales & Pricing

Offer premium, data-driven insights

Show expertise to justify premium pricing

Protect Customer Relationships

Provide continuous value

Regularly update content, address customer pain points

Engage Customers

Personalize content delivery

Tailor content to different audience segments

Retain Customers

Reinforce expertise

Use case studies, success stories, and continuous engagement

About This Post

This post, like all in this series, has been generated by me, Chris Herbert, using Mi6's B2B AI Marketing Analyst Tool. This tool leverages the latest data and insights from industry reports to provide you with accurate and actionable marketing strategies.

This Month’s Focus: Thought Leadership

To kick off our series, we’re diving into one of the most powerful tools in the B2B marketer's arsenal: thought leadership. In a landscape marked by economic uncertainties and evolving buyer behaviors, thought leadership can provide the competitive edge needed to stimulate demand and build lasting customer relationships.

The Power of Thought Leadership

According to the 2024 Edelman-LinkedIn B2B Thought Leadership Impact Report, thought leadership does more than create a favorable impression of your brand. It significantly influences sales, pricing, and customer retention. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Stimulating Demand: Thought leadership can prompt business leaders to rethink their challenges, driving demand for your products and services.

  • Influencing Sales and Pricing: Effective thought leadership can make buyers more willing to seek you out and even pay a premium for your expertise.

  • Protecting Customers: Providing fresh, insightful content helps inoculate your customers against competitors trying to poach them.

Creating Effective Thought Leadership Content

To maximize the impact of your thought leadership, focus on these three key attributes:

  1. Strong Research and Data: Base your content on robust research and data to enhance credibility.

  2. Understanding Business Challenges: Help your audience understand their challenges better and provide solutions.

  3. Concrete Guidance: Offer actionable advice and practical tips that your audience can implement.

Best Practices:

  • Conduct Original Research: Invest in original studies and use first-party data to provide unique insights.

  • Address Specific Challenges: Tailor your content to the specific pain points and needs of your target audience.

  • Include Case Studies: Use real-world examples to illustrate the practical application of your insights.

Using Thought Leadership to Engage and Retain Customers

Thought leadership is not just about attracting new customers; it's also about engaging and retaining existing ones.

Engagement Strategies:

  • Personalized Delivery: Tailor your content to the interests and needs of different audience segments.

  • Multi-Channel Distribution: Leverage various platforms such as blogs, webinars, and whitepapers to reach a broader audience.

  • Interactive Formats: Engage your audience with live Q&A sessions, interactive webinars, and discussion forums.

Retention Tactics:

  • Continuous Value: Regularly update your thought leadership content to provide ongoing value.

  • Expertise Reinforcement: Use thought leadership to reinforce your brand’s expertise and reliability.

Leveraging AI for Thought Leadership

CustomGPTs can be a valuable tool in your thought leadership strategy. It can analyze large volumes of data, generate initial content drafts, and provide personalized insights.

CustomGPT Capabilities:

  • Data Analysis: CustomGPT can analyze the latest reports and provide summarized insights.

  • Content Drafting: It can draft thought leadership pieces based on your guidelines and refine them based on feedback.

Interactive Element:

We encourage you to interact with CustomGPT for personalized recommendations tailored to your specific challenges. Explore how it can help you generate impactful thought leadership content.

Watch PR's Top Pros Talk on the Value of Thought Leadership

Annie Dunleavy, Senior VP & U.S. Head of Content Strategy for Edelman Business Marketing, and Tusar Barik, Senior Director of Marketing for LinkedIn, discuss the essentials of thought leadership.

Tusar emphasizes leveraging LinkedIn for posting and sharing insightful content.

Annie shares how to elevate a thought leadership strategy to make the most impact. They also explain the role of thought leadership in adapting to shrinking newsrooms.

Thanks to the D S Simon Team for producing and sharing this podcast interview.



Thought leadership is a powerful strategy for B2B marketers in 2024. By focusing on strong research, understanding your audience's challenges, and providing concrete guidance, you can create content that drives demand, influences purchasing decisions, and retains customers.

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Is your B2B company ready to elevate its marketing strategy with thought leadership content supported by AI? Contact us or book an online session to discuss, brainstorm and develop three actionable ideas you can implement for your business.

About the Author

Chris Herbert spearheads Mi6 Agency, emphasizing small business growth and entrepreneurship. On the agency's blog, he offers practical marketing insights and solutions to unique challenges faced by businesses. Herbert advocates for sustainable and responsible growth. His "Rural Entrepreneur Podcast" extends this mission, providing essential advice and experiences for entrepreneurs. He adopts a comprehensive approach, focusing on building sustainable businesses, community engagement, and active participation in entrepreneurial ventures.

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