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Marketing Round Up: April 2024

Updated: May 12

marketing round up April 2024

In today's fast-paced business landscape, staying up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and best practices is crucial for entrepreneurs and small business owners. This month, we've curated a selection of insightful articles covering various aspects of marketing, from leveraging AI to strategic hiring and understanding industry reports. Let's dive in!

NetLine's 2024 B2B Content Consumption Report

Based on the article "6 Crucial Findings From NetLine's 2024 B2B Content Consumption Report" on Convince & Convert, here are the three key things a business owner needs to know and why they are important:

Users Don't Hate Gated Content

  • This finding challenges the notion that users dislike gated content, showing a 77% increase in demand for gated B2B content since 2019.

  • It's important because it suggests that business owners shouldn't shy away from using gated content as a lead generation strategy, as long as the content is high-quality and valuable.

High-Intent Content Formats

  • The report identifies specific content formats like playbooks, case studies, and trend reports as strongly linked to immediate buying decisions.

  • This is crucial for business owners to understand which content formats resonate most with prospects close to making a purchase, allowing them to strategically align their content efforts.

AI-Powered Content Insights

  • The introduction of NetLine's INTENTIVE platform provides real-time buyer intent data, giving marketers unprecedented visibility into what content resonates with prospects showing genuine purchase readiness.

  • For business owners, leveraging AI-powered insights can help them create more effective content strategies, better understand their target audience's needs, and optimize content for maximum impact and conversions.

These findings are important because they offer data-driven guidance on creating compelling content, understanding buyer intent signals, and leveraging innovative technologies like AI to drive successful content marketing strategies and business growth.


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Will Content Creators Survive AI?

Here are the three key things about the article "Will Content Creators Survive AI?" on Martech Zone that a business owner needs to know and why they are important:

Search Engines Monetizing Content Creators' Work

  • The article highlights how search engines like Google have capitalized on content created by others by monetizing it through targeted advertising (PPC).

  • This is important for business owners to understand the dynamics between content creators and platforms that monetize their work, and how it impacts revenue streams.

AI Disrupting Traditional Content Creation Models

  • The rise of AI is challenging the traditional models of content creation, as AI can potentially generate content more efficiently and at a lower cost.

  • Business owners need to be aware of this disruption and explore ways to adapt, such as collaborating with AI tools to enhance their content creation processes.

Advocating for Content Creators' Rights

  • The article emphasizes the need for content creators to advocate for their rights and find a balance between embracing AI and protecting their interests.

  • As a business owner creating content, it's crucial to stay informed about developments in this area and support initiatives that ensure fair compensation and protection for content creators.

The key takeaway is that the increasing use of AI in content creation is disrupting traditional models, and business owners who rely on content marketing need to adapt their strategies accordingly. This may involve leveraging AI tools, advocating for content creators' rights, and exploring new revenue streams beyond relying solely on search engine traffic and advertising.


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Tips for Strategic Hiring in Digital Marketing

Based on the article "3 Tips For Strategic Hiring Amidst A Competitive Digital Marketing Landscape" on Martech Zone, here are the three key things a business owner needs to know and why they are important:

Clear and Accurate Job Descriptions

  • The article emphasizes the importance of ensuring job descriptions precisely reflect the role and company culture to attract suitable candidates.

  • This is crucial because a clear job description helps filter out unqualified applicants and increases the chances of hiring the right fit, reducing employee turnover and associated costs.

Empathetic and Efficient Hiring Process

  • The article recommends leading with empathy during the hiring process, acknowledging the stress and burnout candidates may be experiencing.

  • An empathetic approach can help business owners stand out as employers and create a positive candidate experience, which is important for attracting top talent in a competitive market.

Timely and Strategic Hiring

  • With frequent layoffs in the digital marketing industry, the article highlights the need for timely and strategic hiring to fill roles quickly.

  • For business owners, being proactive and having an efficient hiring process in place can help secure the best candidates before they are snatched up by competitors.

The key takeaway is that in the current competitive digital marketing landscape, business owners need to be strategic in their hiring approach. This includes crafting clear job descriptions, fostering an empathetic candidate experience, and having an efficient process to hire top talent quickly. These practices can help businesses attract and retain the right digital marketing professionals, which is crucial for driving successful marketing initiatives and overall business growth.

ChatGPT is Dumber Than It Looks

Here are the key points from Seth Godin's blog post "ChatGPT is dumber than it looks":

  • AI language models like ChatGPT don't actually "know" anything - they simply calculate probabilities based on the data they were trained on.

  • Unlike tools like screwdrivers or spatulas which are "dumb" but effective for their intended use, ChatGPT can seem intelligent but is fundamentally limited by its lack of true understanding.

  • The danger lies in mistaking ChatGPT's outputs for wisdom or truth, when in reality it is simply regurgitating patterns from its training data without any deeper comprehension.

  • Godin argues we should be cautious about anthropomorphizing AI and attributing more capability to it than warranted. ChatGPT is a tool that can seem smart, but is ultimately "dumber than it looks."

The key point for business owners is to recognize the limitations of AI language models like ChatGPT. While they can produce impressive outputs, they lack true understanding and wisdom. Relying too heavily on them without applying human judgment and domain expertise could lead to flawed strategies or decisions. ChatGPT should be viewed as a potentially useful tool, but not a replacement for human intelligence and critical thinking.

Small UK Firms Optimistic for Growth in 2024

Here are the three key things from the article "Small firms are optimistic for 2024 as they go for growth" on Marketing Donut that business owners need to know, and why they are important:

Optimism for Growth in 2024

  • Two-thirds (66%) of UK small business owners and freelancers expect to do better in 2024 compared to 2023, despite economic concerns.

  • This optimism and ambition for growth is important, as it drives small businesses to invest in marketing, innovation, and expansion to achieve their goals.

Top Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses

  • The article highlights the top 5 marketing tactics small businesses plan to use in 2024: social media, email marketing, online advertising, local advertising, and exhibitions/events.

  • Understanding effective marketing channels is crucial for small businesses to promote their products/services, reach new customers, and drive growth cost-effectively.

Challenges Faced by Small Businesses

  • Key challenges mentioned include cash flow, funding, work-life balance, the learning curve of starting a business, and finding the right support.

  • Being aware of these common challenges allows small business owners to proactively plan and implement strategies to overcome them.

This article is valuable for small business owners as it provides insights into the overall optimistic outlook for growth in 2024, highlights practical marketing tactics being adopted, and identifies challenges to be mindful of. This information can help entrepreneurs make informed decisions and develop effective strategies to achieve their growth ambitions in the coming year.

Constant Contact Highlights SMB Marketing Struggles

Based on the article "Constant contact highlights SMB marketing struggles" from, here are the three key things small business owners need to know:

Common Marketing Challenges for SMBs

  • The report highlights common challenges SMBs face in marketing, including low confidence, time constraints, and lack of marketing knowledge/expertise.

  • Many small businesses feel overwhelmed and uncertain about executing effective marketing strategies that contribute to their business goals.

Acquiring New Customers is the Top Hurdle

  • 60% of surveyed SMBs cited acquiring new customers as their biggest marketing challenge.

  • This underscores the importance of implementing strategic marketing tactics to reach and convert new prospects into customers.

Right Marketing Channels are an Opportunity

  • 37% of SMBs believe using the right marketing channels is their biggest area of opportunity for improvement.

  • Identifying and leveraging the most effective channels for their target audience can significantly boost marketing success.


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The key takeaway is that while SMBs recognize marketing's importance, they often struggle with limited time, expertise, and confidence in their strategies. Overcoming hurdles like customer acquisition and identifying the right channels are critical for small businesses to market themselves effectively and drive growth. The report highlights areas where SMBs can focus their efforts and potentially seek guidance or solutions to improve their marketing outcomes.


With the rapid advancements in technology and the ever-evolving marketing landscape, it's essential for entrepreneurs and small business owners to stay informed and adapt their strategies accordingly. Whether it's leveraging AI tools, advocating for content creators' rights, or addressing common marketing challenges, staying ahead of the curve can give you a competitive edge. 

If you're a small business owner or entrepreneur seeking guidance on navigating the complexities of marketing, feel free to reach out to me. I'd be happy to discuss your specific needs and provide tailored solutions to help you achieve your marketing goals and drive business growth.

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