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Marketing Round Up: March 2024

Updated: Apr 8

Design by Mi6 Agent, Olivia Herbert

Who's this for? Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. You may be one, you may work with one or you may want to be one. This is specifically and exclusively for you.

What is it? Hand picked and summarized articles by Mi6 founder, Chris Herbert, that got his attention this month. Read the summaries or listen to them while chilling out, doing something else and then he'll give you his perspective. Sound good? We hope so!

Thoughts On This Month's Round Up Articles

Note, I'm noticing that the video quality is blurry when watching this below. You can go here to watch it directly on YouTube.

A Lifetime in Marketing: Lessons Learned and the Way Ahead, by Philip Kotler

Philip Kotler shares insights from a lifetime in marketing, reflecting on the evolution of marketing theories, practices, and the shift towards digital and sustainable marketing. He discusses the development of marketing mix concepts, the impact of digital technology on marketing strategies, and the importance of sustainability and ethical considerations in contemporary marketing practices. Kotler emphasizes the need for marketers to adapt to changing consumer behaviors and technologies while adhering to principles that prioritize customer value and societal well-being.

Relevance: 5/5. Philip Kotler's reflections on marketing evolution are highly relevant for understanding the discipline's past, present, and future, making it crucial for business owners and marketers.

Value: 5/5. Kotler's insights, based on decades of experience, provide invaluable lessons and forward-looking perspectives in marketing.

Interest: 5/5. For anyone in marketing or business, Kotler's article offers an engaging narrative of marketing's evolution and key trends shaping its future.

100 Blog Post Ideas to Get Traffic

This article presents 100 blog post ideas categorized by various industries, aimed at driving traffic to your site. It emphasizes the importance of keyword and competitive research in uncovering topics with traffic potential. By following the strategies outlined, business owners and entrepreneurs can continuously find relevant topics to engage their target audience and boost their site's traffic.

Relevance: 5/5. The article is extremely relevant to business owners and entrepreneurs looking to generate traffic through content marketing.

Value: 5/5. It provides a comprehensive list of blog post ideas that are designed to attract traffic, offering substantial value for those aiming to enhance their content strategy.

Interest: 5/5. The topic is of high interest to anyone involved in digital marketing, content creation, or looking to boost their online presence.

The future of sales: overcoming knowledge friction with AI innovation

The article discusses the challenge of knowledge friction in sales — the gap between what salespeople need to know and their access to that information. It highlights how sales reps waste considerable time seeking information, affecting sales activities. The piece introduces Pryon's AI-based Enterprise Answer Engine as a solution, creating a "knowledge fabric" that consolidates sales-relevant content, enhancing accessibility, and improving sales efficiency. This AI innovation promises to streamline information sharing within organizations, making it a crucial tool for overcoming knowledge friction and enhancing sales processes.

Relevance: 5/5. The article directly addresses challenges faced by sales teams and provides innovative solutions through AI, making it highly relevant for business owners and entrepreneurs in the sales sector.

Value: 5/5. It offers actionable insights into overcoming knowledge friction in sales, presenting AI innovations that can significantly improve sales efficiency and effectiveness.

Interest: 4/5. The content is engaging, especially for those in the sales and tech industries, though it might be slightly less captivating for those outside these fields.



AI Jumpstart

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Your Open and Clicks of Your Email Campaign Aren’t Reliable or Accurate… Here’s Why (And What You Can Do About It)

The article from Martech Zone discusses the inaccuracies of email campaign metrics, specifically open and click rates, due to technological interventions like Apple's Mail Privacy Protection and Google Workspace's link pre-scanning features. These technologies inflate metrics, misleading marketers about their campaign's true performance. The author suggests solutions for email service providers (ESPs) and marketers, emphasizing the use of UTM parameters over reliance on ESP-reported metrics to more accurately gauge campaign effectiveness. It highlights the evolving challenges in email marketing analytics and the importance of adapting measurement strategies.

Relevance: 4/5. Email marketing remains a crucial strategy for many businesses, and understanding the accuracy of metrics is vital.

Value: 5/5. Offers practical advice and solutions to a common problem faced by marketers, enhancing the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns.

Interest: 4/5. The technical nature of the solutions may be highly interesting to marketers focused on analytics and campaign optimization, but slightly less so to a broader audience.

Why 2024 is your year to experiment with AI

The Think with Google article focuses on Intuit QuickBooks Canada's adoption of AI in marketing, earning them the title of AI Marketer of the Year. The piece highlights the team's journey in leveraging machine learning and AI-powered tools to optimize efficiency, scalability, and performance in search marketing. It emphasizes the importance of an experimental mindset, continuous testing, and embracing predictive and generative AI for creative and performance strategies, resulting in significant improvements in ad spend return and subscriber growth.

Relevance: 5/5. For business owners interested in application of AI to their business. AI when used properly saves time, money and improves productivity.

Value: 5/5. Provides valuable insights into effective AI strategy implementation in marketing.

Interest: 5/5. Engaging content for anyone interested in AI's impact on marketing and business growth.

23 Actual Content Metrics From Actual Marketers

The Ahrefs article on content marketing metrics details various metrics used by marketers, organized into categories such as operational metrics, keywords, backlinks, leads, traffic, audience growth, engagement, and conversions. It provides a comprehensive guide on measuring content performance, emphasizing the importance of selecting metrics that align with your strategy. The article serves as a valuable resource for marketers looking to gauge the effectiveness of their content.

Relevance: 5/5. Crucial for content marketers to understand and improve their content strategy.

Value: 5/5. Offers a deep dive into metrics that matter, aiding in informed decision-making.

Interest: 5/5. Engaging for anyone in content marketing or looking to measure content performance effectively.

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