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Sustainable Farming: A Farmer's Perspective

Updated: Jan 11

Sustainable farming

About The Rural Entrepreneur Podcast Episode 4 on Sustainable Farming

Dive into the world of sustainable farming in this episode: Sustainable Farming: A Farmer's Perspective on Entrepreneurship and Progress.

In this podcast episode, we have a thought-provoking conversation with Jake Leguee, a third-generation farmer, and blogger, from Weyburn, Saskatchewan. Jake shares his extensive experience and passion for sustainable practices, offering valuable insights and firsthand experiences in the realm of agriculture.

Discover the challenges and advancements in the farming industry, the importance of sustainable approaches, and the entrepreneurial mindset required for success in today's evolving agricultural landscape.

Jake's notable background and recognition as one of Saskatchewan's Outstanding Young Farmers bring a unique perspective on the realities of farming and its crucial role in our society.

Whether you're an experienced farmer seeking fresh perspectives or an aspiring entrepreneur making your mark in the agricultural field, this podcast is a valuable resource for inspiration and knowledge.

Interview with Farmer and Entrepreneur: Jake Leguee

00:01 - 06:51 | Introduction and Background

Chris welcomes listeners and his reason for wanting Jake on the podcast. Jake provides an introduction to himself, his farm in Saskatchewan, and his background as an entrepreneur.

06:51 - 14:41 | Challenges and Progress in Farming

Jake talks about his decision to return to the farm and the challenges he faced during that time. He discusses the incremental progress in farming and how it can be overlooked without reflection. We talk about optimism and the need to celebrate both small and large wins.

14:41 - 21:55 | Loneliness and Support as an Entrepreneur

We discuss the sense of loneliness that some entrepreneurs feel and the responsibility they carry. Jake shares his experiences and emphasizes the importance of having a peer group and advisory board for support and guidance.

21:55 - 23:41 | Sharing Perspectives and Writing

Chris asks Jake about his motivation for writing a blog and sharing his experiences as a farmer. Jake explains that he wanted to share the reality of farming with the public and found writing to be therapeutic.

23:41 - 28:56 | Sustainable Farming

Chris brings up the topic of sustainable farming and asks Jake to discuss his perspective on it. Jake explains how sustainable practices have been a part of farming for a long time and highlights the importance of continuous learning and adapting to new research. Jake also touches on first generation farmers vs. established generational farms and how farming as a market is hyper-local.

28:56 - 29:04 | Conclusion and Well Wishes

Chris thanks Jake for the interview and expresses well wishes for his future success as a farmer and advocate for agriculture.

About Jake Leguee

Jake Leguee is a third-generation farmer from Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada, who manages a progressive family operation alongside his wife, three young sons, and several other family members. They grow a variety of crops including canola, durum, hard red spring wheat, lentils, peas, and flax. Jake is a lifelong learner, constantly seeking new opportunities to improve and innovate in his farming practices.

In 2023, Jake, along with his family members Sarah Leguee and Erik Nikolejsin, were recognized as Saskatchewan’s Outstanding Young Farmers. This prestigious accolade is a testament to their dedication to continuous improvement, their innovative approach to crop management, and their commitment to sustainable farming practices.

Beyond the farm, Jake is an active contributor to the agricultural community. He serves as a director and Research Chair with the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission is the current chair of the Canadian Wheat Research Coalition and a member of the Global Farmer Network.

Jake is passionate about sharing his experiences and insights as a farmer. He maintains a popular blog, "A Year in the Life of a Farmer," where he discusses the challenges and triumphs of farming and explores broader societal issues from the perspective of someone deeply connected to the land and global markets.

Despite his many accomplishments, Jake remains humble and open-minded. He is always ready to learn, to grow, and to engage in meaningful conversations about the future of agriculture. His dedication to his work, his commitment to his community, and his passion for continuous learning make him a truly outstanding figure in the field of agriculture.

About the Rural Entrepreneur Podcast Series

The Rural Entrepreneur Podcast Series shares the stories of rural entrepreneurs struggles, triumphs and what keeps them going! It's that simple! The conversations get deep though! Interested in being a sponsor or being a guest? Contact us or book some time with Chris.

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