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Marketing Round Up: August 2023

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Mi6 Marketing Round Up August 2023
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Hand picked articles that got our attention this month. Updated weekly.

Should you block ChatGPT's web browser plugin from accessing your website?

The article addresses the debate on whether websites should block OpenAI's ChatGPT from accessing their content. With the introduction of ChatGPT plugins, the AI can pull data directly from the web. OpenAI offers a method to block its bot, but the article argues against it. Instead, it suggests embracing the potential for increased discovery and traffic. Blocking might lead users to competitors, and AI could become a new acquisition channel, similar to search engines.

Websites That Have Blocked OpenAI’s GPTBot

The article presents findings from a study analyzing the top 1000 websites to identify which ones have blocked OpenAI's GPTBot. Within the first 14 days of OpenAI releasing details on how to block GPTBot, 9.2% of these websites chose to block it. Notable websites that have blocked GPTBot include,, and The study indicates that the trend of blocking GPTBot is increasing, with popular websites being more likely to implement the block.

Why we should set higher standards for content production

The article critiques the prevalent approach to online content creation, likening most content to "stale crackers" that merely satisfy basic needs. It challenges businesses to move beyond producing content that's just "good enough" for SEO and instead focus on genuinely engaging and valuable content. The piece emphasizes the importance of understanding the reader's perspective, adding flavor to content, and questioning the relevance and impact of the information presented.

The Power of University–Industry Collaborations: Collaborating with Universities Makes Products More Attractive to Consumers

The article discusses the benefits of businesses partnering with universities for product development. Such collaborations infuse firms with scientific legitimacy, enhancing product appeal. The research reveals that products co-developed with universities are perceived as more attractive by consumers. However, many companies fail to highlight these collaborations in their marketing, missing out on potential value. The article suggests that emphasizing university partnerships, especially for high-tech products or startups, can significantly boost product market performance.

Power of Aligning Digital Marketing, Sales, and Content Strategies

The article highlights the need for businesses to synchronize their sales, advertising, and content strategies in the digital era. Traditional marketing is less effective with today's consumers. The piece advocates for buyer-centric content, diverse content formats, and the integration of marketing automation with CRM systems. Embracing these strategies ensures business success in the digital landscape.

How to Promote Your Business Locally

This article outlines strategies for local businesses to enhance visibility and sales. Key tactics include setting up a Google listing, blogging, creating short-form videos, community engagement, and running contests. It also highlights the importance of accurate Yelp information, customer loyalty programs, collaborating with local influencers, and prioritizing customer service. The piece suggests adapting to modern marketing techniques for success.

Digital PR vs. manual link building: Adapting to the modern search landscape

This article highlights the shift from manual link building to digital PR in today's search engine landscape. It emphasizes that relationships, not just links, are now the web's currency. With Google's evolution into a semantic search engine, the role of backlinks has diminished. The piece champions digital PR over traditional link-building tactics, stressing the importance of genuine relationships and content quality.

Is AI Coming For Our Jobs?!

The article addresses concerns about artificial intelligence (AI) potentially replacing human jobs, especially in the content marketing sector. While AI tools, such as ChatGPT, are becoming more advanced and integrated into daily operations, the article emphasizes that these tools are designed to enhance efficiency rather than replace human creativity and ingenuity. The key is to understand and adapt to AI, using it as a tool to augment human capabilities. The piece also touches on the importance of maintaining a work-life balance in the modern workplace and offers strategies to achieve it.


B2B keyword research: A comprehensive guide

In this article, the challenges B2B companies face with keyword research are explored. Demers highlights the importance of understanding search volume, competition, and conversion potential. He presents a systematic approach to gather keyword targets that can drive genuine leads and revenue for B2B websites. The guide delves into the basics of keyword research, the significance of questionnaires, historical data, and understanding pain points. It also emphasizes the value of competitor analysis, industry resources, and mapping terms to a content plan.

How to create local content that builds trust and drives sales

In this article, the importance of local content for businesses is highlighted. Schmidt discusses its role beyond blogs, emphasizing product pages, testimonials, and videos. The content aims to build trust and authority with potential customers, covering aspects like business introduction, product details, social proof, differentiation, and pricing strategies.


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How to Find Guest Bloggers

In this article, the value of guest bloggers for brand awareness, expertise demonstration, and SEO enhancement is discussed. The piece emphasizes the mutual benefits for both brands and contributors, such as expanding reach and building relationships. It provides insights on crafting contributor guidelines, ensuring alignment with brand values, and strategies for sourcing, editing, and promoting guest content. The article also touches on the importance of evaluating the success of guest blog programs and leveraging them for long-term business relationships.

7 reports SEO and PPC can use to help each other succeed

In this article, the synergy between SEO and PPC is explored, emphasizing the importance of collaboration for enhanced results. The article highlights seven key reports that both teams can utilize: top-performing keywords, highest-CPC keywords, keyword performance dips, high-priority keywords, keyword difficulty, and top-performing pages and content. By sharing insights from these reports, brands can optimize their strategies, ensuring that both organic and paid search campaigns are more effective and aligned with overall business goals.

How to Optimize On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO and Technical SEO

In this article, the distinctions between on-page, off-page, and technical SEO are explored. On-page SEO is about optimizing content and internal website elements for relevance and user experience. Off-page SEO seeks to enhance the website's authority via methods like link-building and guest posting on external sites. Technical SEO deals with the site's technical facets, such as speed and security, to boost indexing and user interaction. Adhering to best practices in each domain can significantly improve a website's visibility and search engine rankings.


Why AI can't replace authentic client relationships

This article underscores the limitations of AI in mimicking genuine human interactions. While AI tools like chatbots enhance efficiency, they lack the emotional depth and trust-building capacity inherent in human relationships. The piece emphasizes that true client relationships require human touch, understanding, and empathy, elements AI cannot replicate. Balancing AI with human interaction is crucial for maintaining customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The Writing Process for 100+ Articles

In this article, the author reflects on their journey of writing over 100 articles for the Buffer blog. The piece delves into the author's writing process, from research and ideation to drafting and publishing. The importance of understanding the target audience, immersing oneself in the industry, and continuous learning is emphasized. The author also shares challenges faced, such as overcoming self-doubt and managing workload. The article concludes with insights on the significance of growth and adaptation in content creation.

How to Optimize Your Business For Local Search and Social Marketing

The article underscores the importance of local SEO and social media marketing for geo-targeted businesses. It highlights website optimization for local search, the use of SEO tools, and the significance of local directories. The piece also emphasizes the value of local reviews and link-building for local keywords. Insights into local marketing strategies on platforms like Facebook and Twitter are also provided.


Why search marketing education is a MUST within companies

The article highlights an often-overlooked issue in many companies: the lack of education and leadership in search marketing. Addressing this gap can enhance job satisfaction for search marketers and drive growth in marketing teams. The piece emphasizes the need for executive education in search marketing, the importance of making informed recruiting and hiring decisions, and ensuring that search marketers have a significant voice in organizational decision-making. The article advocates for a balanced approach, combining the strengths of search marketing with other departments to achieve optimal results.

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