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Marketing Round Up: December 2023

Updated: May 8

Hand picked and summarized articles that got our attention this month. Updated regularly throughout the month.

AI Disclosure: Image generating using MidJourney; summaries generated using ChatGPT-4

Week of Dec 25

Listen to my thoughts on this week's news.

No, ChatGPT isn’t stealing Google’s search market share

The article discusses the misconception that ChatGPT is significantly impacting Google's search market share. It highlights that ChatGPT's traffic is only 2% of Google's, making it unlikely to have a considerable effect on Google's dominance. The article argues that Google's search market share has been relatively stable since 2015, with minor fluctuations. It also notes that while generative AI will reshape search, current narratives overstate ChatGPT's impact on Google's market share

Meta unveils five new lead generation ad tools for Facebook and Instagram

The article discusses Meta's introduction of five new lead generation tools for Facebook and Instagram. These enhancements, which include a WhatsApp lead generation feature and an instant form ad format, are designed to improve campaign performance and lead quality. The updates also introduce a new CRM integration with HubSpot and test features like direct calling on Facebook and full campaign automation. The aim is to help businesses efficiently generate high-quality leads, thereby saving time and resources

7 Generative AI Prompts To Help Your Content Marketing Workflows

The article outlines seven ways generative AI can enhance content marketing workflows. These include training AI to mimic brand or author voices, translating product features into benefits, assisting in research for article planning, and creating synonyms, analogies, or metaphors for more engaging content. Additionally, AI can suggest visuals, repurpose content into different formats, and optimize title tags and meta descriptions for SEO. These applications demonstrate AI's potential to streamline content creation and improve marketing strategies while emphasizing the need for human oversight and creativity.

Check out the results when trying to find out the Dolphins vs. Cowboys score yesterday: Google Search vs. ChatGPT.

LinkedIn Updates: Newsletter Analytics, Ads Features, and More

The article details LinkedIn's latest updates, including an AI-powered content moderation system for quicker policy violation detection, enhanced newsletter creation and analytics tools, new ad features for precise campaign measurement, and a personalized Premium experience with AI-powered insights. These updates aim to streamline content moderation, enhance user engagement through improved newsletter tools, provide more accurate ad performance tracking, and offer a more tailored Premium user experience.

Google local search ranking algorithm strengthens ‘openness’ signal

The article discusses Google's update to its local search ranking algorithm, emphasizing the 'openness' signal for non-navigational queries. This change means that businesses currently open are more likely to rank higher in local search results compared to those that are closed. The update aims to provide more relevant results for users searching for specific types of services. Businesses are advised not to manipulate their hours in response to this change, as Google's algorithm may continue to be adjusted and could penalize misleading information.

5 Concerns Marketers Have About AI & How Leadership Can Address Them [New Data + Tips]

The article explores five primary concerns marketers have about AI, including the perceived threat to jobs, doubts about the quality and relevancy of AI-generated content, concerns over accuracy, questions about its overall usefulness, and the risk of over-reliance on AI tools. It suggests that while these fears are valid, there are ways leadership can address them to harness AI effectively in marketing, such as by establishing empowering processes and maintaining open communication.


Week of Dec 4

Listen to my thoughts on this week's news.

Why is Lead Management Important for Businesses?

The article from Nimble's blog emphasizes the significance of lead management in businesses. It highlights how effective handling of potential customers, from initial contact to conversion, can enhance business success. The article details the process of managing leads, including gathering information, tracking progress, and nurturing relationships. It also discusses the benefits of improved resource utilization, better customer relationships, and overall business growth, underscoring the importance of aligning marketing and sales efforts in this process.

Nine Ways to Spice Up Any Blog Post—Fast

The article on ProBlogger offers nine strategies to enhance blog posts quickly. These include creating engaging titles and subtitles, incorporating powerful images, addressing readers' concerns, adding personal anecdotes, providing actionable points, encouraging reader reactions, using quotes from other bloggers, employing analogies, and refining language to be punchier. Each tip is designed to make blog content more appealing and engaging to readers, ultimately increasing reader interaction and content effectiveness.

Here's to an epic 25 years: Exploring the most searched trends of all time

The article and video on Google's blog celebrates its 25th anniversary by showcasing the most popular search trends over the years. It highlights how Google Trends reflects our shared curiosities and interests, citing examples like soccer and Taylor Swift as globally searched topics. The article also introduces various features like a special Year in Search film, global and local trending search lists, a Most Searched Time Capsule, and an interactive game, all emphasizing the impact of Google's search data in understanding and connecting people worldwide.

10 Content Promotion Strategies That Work (With Examples)

The article on Copyblogger provides ten effective strategies for promoting content in 2024. These include emailing your list, repurposing content across different platforms, utilizing paid ads, leveraging employee advocacy, strategically guest posting, collaborating with influencers or parallel brands, creating original data, cross-promoting with email lists, redirecting old blog posts and internal linking, and revisiting and repromoting old content. Each tactic is designed to enhance content visibility and engagement, catering to different platforms and audiences.

The Head of Marketing

The article by Seth Godin on his blog discusses the multifaceted nature of the head of marketing role, explaining it's not one job but at least three. It covers aspects like marketing strategy, promotion, sales support, project management, and prettiness. Godin emphasizes the importance of understanding each component for effective marketing, noting that often there's a disconnect between the expectations and the actual work involved in this complex role.

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