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Marketing Round Up: October 2023

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Hand picked and summarized articles that got our attention this month. Updated regularly throughout the month.

Week of Oct 30

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Marketers Say They Know the Missing Ingredient for Success – Are They Wrong?

This article reveals a disconnect within marketing teams, highlighting a study showing operational misalignment and its detrimental effects on content strategy. Despite recognizing the need for seamless content planning, only 1% of marketers achieve it. The gap stems from organizational silos and a lack of efficient tools, with 87% of professionals advocating for advanced technology for better alignment. However, experts caution that technology alone can't fix the absence of a coherent process, suggesting a more orchestrated approach for successful content strategy.

Small Groups, Well Organized

This article discusses the impact of well-organized small groups in initiating change. It cautions against expanding a group too large, leading to a lack of coherence, or keeping it too small, avoiding necessary tension for change. Effective organization involves fostering deep connections within a right-sized group and empowering them with tools for broader influence. This approach, emphasizing peer-to-peer organization and resilience, lays the groundwork for impactful cultural shifts.

The Art of Interviewing: Four Tips for Conducting Engaging Podcast and Radio Interviews

This article outlines effective interviewing techniques for podcasts and radio shows, emphasizing the importance of thorough guest research, a structured outline, and a warm introduction. Authenticity, active listening, and curiosity are crucial for engaging discussions. The interviewer should delve into guests' backgrounds, achievements, and online presence to formulate resonant questions. The conversation should balance well-known aspects and lesser-known insights, with flexibility for unexpected topics, ensuring a captivating and informative experience for both the audience and the guest.


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Most B2B Tech Decision-Makers Are Sometimes Disappointed by the Value of Gated Content

This article discusses a study revealing that 71% of B2B tech decision-makers are often or sometimes disappointed with the value of gated content, finding it too general. The trust in marketers stands at 61 on a 100-point scale, indicating room for improvement. Enhancing trust requires providing detailed content, case studies, current data, and expert access. Actions negatively affecting trust include using outdated information, leading with sales pitches, and inappropriate ad targeting post-purchase.


Using Categories and Tags Effectively on Your Blog

This article emphasizes the importance of using categories and tags effectively for blog content organization. Categories, likened to a paper filing system, should be limited in number, with each post assigned to one category. They play a crucial role in navigation and site architecture. Tags, on the other hand, are complementary to categories and highlight specific sections of content. Consistent tag usage enhances content discoverability and user experience. Both categories and tags aid in SEO, content strategy, and overall user engagement on a blog.


Week of Oct 23

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SEO and Google: How Small Businesses Can Achieve Local Success

This article underscores the critical role of local SEO in enhancing the online visibility of small businesses. It emphasizes the importance of Google Business Profile and consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) across online platforms. The piece suggests optimizing websites for user experience, encouraging customer reviews, and actively maintaining online profiles. These strategies, coupled with understanding Google's algorithm, can significantly improve a business's local search ranking, driving growth and customer engagement.


X’s Latest Experiment Will Charge New Users $1 To Engage in App

The article discusses X's new strategy to charge new users a $1 annual subscription, initially tested in New Zealand and the Philippines. This move aims to combat bot activity and spam by imposing financial barriers to account creation, thereby enhancing platform authenticity. While the approach could deter large-scale bot operations, its effectiveness against sophisticated misinformation campaigns remains uncertain. The initiative also raises questions about user acquisition and the potential shift of users to alternative platforms.

How to Target With Google Search Ads

The article outlines a strategic approach for marketers aiming to diversify their advertising efforts through Google Search Ads. It emphasizes understanding the ideal customer profile, selecting relevant keywords, and crafting compelling ad copy. The article underscores the use of Google's responsive search ad format and advanced targeting options, offering a nuanced control over who sees the ads. Furthermore, it advocates for smart bidding strategies aligned with business objectives and continuous campaign optimization through testing and performance review.

What Ad-free Social Media Could Mean for Marketers and Advertisers

The article explores the implications of ad-free social media for marketers and advertisers. As platforms like TikTok and Meta experiment with subscription-based, ad-free models, there's a potential impact on small businesses and startups that rely on targeted ads. The shift challenges traditional advertising strategies, emphasizing the need for businesses to adapt. The discussion extends to the growing relevance of influencer marketing and organic presence in response to these changes, highlighting a possible future direction for digital marketing strategies.

Generative AI: A Communications Professional’s Secret Weapon

The article explores the transformative impact of generative AI in the communications sector. It highlights how professionals use AI tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard to overcome writer's block, enhance media relations, and brainstorm campaign ideas. The article emphasizes that generative AI is not a threat to jobs but an asset when used effectively. By generating initial drafts, providing language proficiency, and offering AI-powered insights, these tools allow for more strategic, creative, and efficient work processes. However, the content produced by AI requires careful fact-checking and proofreading.


Week of Oct 16

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Google Expands Access to Social Media Links in Business Listings

In this article, Google is expanding the capabilities of its Business profiles by enabling the addition of social media links, facilitating their visibility on Google Search and Maps. Previously restricted to a select few, this feature is now available to a wider spectrum of businesses. Each entity can incorporate one link per social network, covering numerous popular platforms. This initiative is designed to augment traffic to social channels and offer additional connectivity options for users.

Watch below to see how you can do it on your Google Business profile.

How to prepare for Google SGE: Actionable tips for SEO success

In this article, the upcoming impact of Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE) on organic traffic is discussed, highlighting the potential for both positive and negative outcomes. The piece delves into various theories about SGE's influence, what is known so far, and areas still shrouded in uncertainty. It emphasizes the volatility of SGE and advises on current best SEO practices rather than speculative strategies. The author suggests focusing on impactful SEO actions, preparing visually appealing content, and monitoring SGE's evolution to adapt effectively.

What Is Link Bait? 6 Real-World Examples + Link Bait Ideas

The article discusses the strategy of link baiting in SEO, where quality content is created to attract backlinks naturally. It highlights various effective link bait forms, such as research studies and interactive tools, emphasizing their scalability and natural appeal for link generation. The piece also provides insights into successful real-world campaigns, offering guidance on crafting content that resonates with both audiences and publishers, ultimately enhancing a website's authority and search ranking.

Mastering AI-Powered Sales And Marketing: 10 Steps To Success In 2024

In this article, the focus is on the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in shaping the future of sales and marketing. Emphasizing the rapid evolution of this landscape, the piece offers a roadmap for success in 2024. It advocates for a customer-centric approach, leveraging AI tools for predictive analytics, personalized content, and enhanced engagement strategies. Real-world case studies illustrate the practical application and effectiveness of these AI-integrated techniques, underscoring the potential for unprecedented success in the dynamic digital marketing arena.


Week of Oct 9

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New Report Shows Referral Traffic From Facebook and X Continues to Decline

This article highlights the decline in referral traffic from both Facebook and X over the past year. Data from Similarweb shows that Facebook referrals to news websites have dropped by about 80% since September 2020, while X traffic decreased by approximately 60%. This decline is attributed to the platforms' focus on short-form video content to enhance user engagement. Additionally, Meta's efforts to reduce political content in feeds and the rise of AI-based content recommendations have also influenced these trends.

How to Align Business and SEO Goals for Long-Term Success

This article from Semrush emphasizes the significance of aligning SEO goals with business objectives for long-term success. It highlights the importance of setting clear and measurable SEO goals, such as increasing organic traffic, acquiring quality backlinks, and enhancing engagement rates. The article also provides insights on how to make these goals actionable, using tools like Google Analytics and Semrush to track progress. By effectively communicating the results to stakeholders and continuously adjusting strategies based on data, businesses can achieve their desired outcomes.


How to Use Google Search Console for Keyword Research

The article delves into the importance of keyword research in SEO and how Google Search Console (GSC) can be utilized for this purpose. GSC, a free tool, not only measures site performance but is also instrumental in keyword research. The article provides insights on how to identify high-value keywords, optimize existing content, and discover easy-win keywords using GSC. Additionally, it emphasizes integrating GSC with tools like Semrush to enhance keyword analysis and track search performance more effectively.

Social Media Marketers Seek to Quantify the Revenue Impact of Engagement Metrics

The article discusses how marketers prioritize engagement metrics on social media platforms, such as likes, shares, and comments. A study by Sprout Social shows that a significant portion of VPs, Executives, Strategists, Managers, and Directors consistently track these metrics. However, the challenge arises in quantifying these metrics in terms of business value. Many respondents aim to assess the potential revenue impact of social media engagement, with others focusing on direct sales and conversions from social efforts.


Week of Oct 2

LinkedIn Expands the Display of Its Profile CTA Buttons to More Surfaces

In this article, LinkedIn has enhanced its custom CTA (Call to Action) buttons for profiles. Initially available to Premium subscribers, these buttons now appear in search results and feed posts, directing visitors to a specified URL. The update is part of LinkedIn's efforts to bolster creator engagement and influence. With original content sharing on LinkedIn rising by 41% in 2022, the platform continues to offer tools for creators to expand their reach.

Watch below to see how you can do it on your LinkedIn profile.

How marketers are rewriting their B2B playbooks to win over a new generation of decision-makers

In this article, the shift in B2B marketing strategies is discussed. Companies are urged to prioritize data-driven marketing and individualized approaches over traditional methods. The emphasis is on understanding the new generation of decision-makers personally, blending B2B and B2C tactics. The article highlights the importance of fostering community and connection, suggesting that embracing these changes will differentiate B2B companies in a competitive market.

I tried writing a blog post with ChatGPT, so you don't have to

In this article, the author experiments with ChatGPT for blog writing. While effective in generating ideas and outlines, the final drafts often resemble structured outlines. The initial paragraphs capture the desired tone, but subsequent content lacks fluidity. The piece also discusses ChatGPT's challenges in citing sources and its upcoming browsing capabilities.

Apple iOS 17 and LTP: How does it affect email marketing?

In this article, Apple's iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma bring changes that concern email marketers. Apple's "Link Tracking Protection" (LTP) removes specific tracking info from shared URLs, targeting subscriber-level IDs. While general source tracking is intact, the future of click tracking is uncertain. Continuous testing and adaptation are emphasized due to Apple's privacy shifts.

Google: Even High Quality Pages Can Still Not Be Indexed By Google Search

In this article, Google's John Mueller clarifies that even high-quality pages aren't guaranteed indexing in Google Search. While Google has previously stated that non-indexed pages might not meet quality standards, Mueller emphasizes that high quality doesn't ensure indexing. He mentions, "A page can be of high quality and still not be indexed." This highlights that while Google aims to index and rank high-quality content, it doesn't guarantee consistent indexing for all high-quality pages.

Outstanding Digital Marketing Trends Unleashed

In this article, as 2024 approaches, the digital marketing realm is rapidly evolving with the rise of new platforms and advanced technologies. A significant focus is on search engine marketing, which promises businesses enhanced ROI and efficiency. The research indicates that heavy radio listeners, termed "everyday influencers," are 25% more likely to be influential than the average individual. These influencers engage in an estimated 4.7 billion brand discussions weekly, surpassing other media consumers. The article emphasizes the importance of staying updated with these trends for optimal marketing outcomes.

Heavy Radio Listeners Have Plenty of Brand Conversations. Which Categories Do They Like to Talk About?

In this article, research from Engagement Labs and the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) highlights the influence of heavy radio listeners in word-of-mouth brand conversations. Defined as "everyday influencers," these heavy radio listeners, who tune in for 2+ hours daily, are 25% more likely to influence consumer decisions than the average person. They surpass heavy TV viewers and social media users in this regard. The study found that these listeners engage in approximately 4.7 billion brand conversations weekly, discussing topics like Food, Entertainment, and Shopping.

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